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  1. I can tell you that it used to be colored gold more than orange the herb used to have an actual gold yellow color that I honestly never see now days and that's weird ?, It was all over the place back then and it was a Hallmark that one would look for

  2. An "old head" told me back when weed was shitty. she got got Acapulco gold and everyone was hallucinating because it was golden crazy good weed compared to %3-9 thc weed back then

  3. Acapulco gold and all the other south American gold strains were called gold because they were dried in the sun and turned brown. Hippys that have acopulco gold, Columbian gold, and the other gold 60s-70s- early 80s that they brought back up to the US and still grow today are growing all green. but they aren't drying it in the sun

  4. Id really like to know what you stoners do for a living if your not college students? Most employers of good jobs require a drug test. Yeah I know about the ways you get around it but if you have even a minor accident at work they want your piss/blood or and hair samples.Is it worth it?

  5. Alright man, seen you around the community for a while now.. I'm really liking your content man. You got a sub from me 🙂 cheers man. Keep up the great attitude.

  6. Josh – You might be interested in looking into the whole sativa/indica deal further, It's a huge misunderstanding. The affects of the bud rely more on the stage of maturity the trichomes are in at the time of harvest rather than if the plant is sativa, indica, or ruderalis. Namaste!

  7. Its a novelist yoo
    According to an old hippie, the name gold is because all the old strains were predominantly sativa, and would be left to flower longer in the mexican summers. Apparently the buds when old take on a more rusty yellow appearance and glisten with trichomes, hence the name gold. They smoked dirt back in the day, yellow bud was the chronic. Actually :p
    Cheers yoooo

  8. Synonyms: absolutely, as a matter of fact, de facto, genuinely, in fact, in point of fact, in reality, in truth, indeed, literally, really, veritably, very.. I actually like de facto!😂cheers

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