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  1. thank you for not being a douchebag who is like "oh no I don't smoke flower, I only use concentrates… I would rather not smoke than to smoke flowers" there's too many rich kids who are prudes about Cannabis enjoyment and smoking

  2. Wow… Functional pain relief without Munchies… god sent strain when you're trying to be stoned but without negatives because munchies isn't always good unless you can't eat normally

  3. The elusive perfect 5/7. I'll make sure to pick this one up when cannabis becomes legal here in a couple years.. Ah well, love your positivity anyway – great video as always!

  4. What strains are best for social anxiety. I enjoy smoking alone but when I'm high around others my social anxiety seems to amplify. I also don't like having my mind in a fog to where I can't function relatively normally.

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