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  1. Thank you Vice and Munchies, for producing one of the greatest food shows ever produced. People shouldnt watch this sober, seriously, have a few drinks, even better alone. Have 3 beers or 3 wines. and start from episode 1,…… and savoir…. What you will find is a new world in Paris. A different world, a world unbound by tradition but the spirite of Paris. Lives all the same, in the artisans and craftsmens devoting their lives to prodcuce the finest things in life. Escape my dear friends to all the new that Paris has to offer.Mr Bronson has shown you a path, but I'm sure you'd find something just as new and as exciting, Viva La France.

  2. I think the first guy they went to visit in Auvergnes was not very welcoming, he looks pre-occupied all the time rather than receptive to his hosts. I imagine it's because of his work, people who works with nature on their own or even with a small group be it for wine or meat, milk or whatever do long long hours and it's non stop no days off and it does not pay well but that's the price of a certain freedom and a tranquility that is hard to find elsewhere in society.

  3. Action “This wine is going to make a lot of people happy, America, Europe, Japan.. big time in Japan, Japan is gonna go fucken nuts”

    Clovis “Japan is gonna go fucken crazy”

    You could’ve literally said any country and Clovis would agree, man is a constant buzz. What a legend.

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