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  1. All NS products are top of the class,tought that it cant go better than this,and NS crew shows us that we were wrong,thats good for us! 🙂
    Simple made rosin,
    Simple perfection!
    This was alchemy my friends ,and by definition it still is 🙂
    NS is simple perfect mashine, theres no doubt,but it is more than that.Have a feeling like im buying Rols Rojs,Majbah,buggati… Im like a child waiting for a present 😀
    With NS alchemy tools,we can turn our shi** material into golden cure for humanity 🙂

  2. That’s ridiculous! Let me know when/if you guys start allowing trade in of multiple units to reduce the price 😛 Love my OG and just upgraded to the XP last week! You guys are killing it!

  3. I was hoping you could do more education on hash videos, my first press i ruined 7 grams of bubble hash because you guys always press at 204 and I didnt know it mattered. Months down the drain

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