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  1. Hey Dr I am just wondering if you’re able to give me any advice, my maremma cut the big pad on his front paw somehow and it’s half off but still half hanging on, we called the vet and they said they can’t do much for it, just for us to soak it in warm epsom salt water so we have been soaking it every night but I’m not seeing any progress it’s just gaping open, even wrapped it still wasn’t closing up so am wondering if it will dry up and fall off eventually? It’s the whole pad, looks like a big chunk of meat

  2. Thanks for your info. I'm just feeling so overwhelmed with my dogs allergies. Gretel 🐶is a nine year old blond American Cocker Spaniel. We live in London Ontario Canada. Gretel suffers from ongoing ear issues.(ie dig at ears, dark discharge,red swollen ear canals) The redden paws and arm pitts have improved.Gretel does have Pet Insurance and we have made frequent claims.
    Approx. a year and a half ago we removed all foods with animals made that have feathers.(ie duck,Turkey, chicken. This has been successful in reducing these issues. Infact if she does receive some of this food,I notice a flaw up. Gretel is now eating white fish with oatmeal and it appears to be helping.
    At this time Gretel receives the following medication, Aprecaol each day.burrows solution to the ears,a cleanser and Mometaamax PRN
    Do you have any opinions for me to add something to this regiment of Medications? I thought the one for her to lick the medication off my finger sounded interesting.
    Gretel is MY Best Friend,she will NEVER go without anything to make her life healthy and full of fun.
    I feel so bad when she sees me get the ear treatments she runs and hides.
    Are you aware of an attachment to some type hose to clean dogs ears.our groomer mentioned this to me.
    Sorry for the long comment.
    Take care,
    Leslie and 🐶

  3. Dr Jones-
    Thank you so much for being specific on dosages and weights! No holistic doctor does this that Ive even seen. So helpful and appreciated! This video was exceptional!

  4. I’m over here worried like “idk if this will work is it the same as this prescription I can’t pronounce?” Only to look what they are and they are literally just and antibacterial and anti fungal products. Going to get stuff to do this today. Just saved me time and money, thank you!❤my dog thanks you too lol

  5. Please help me . Please I beg you for some advice on my poor doggie. She is 8 and had thyroid problems and glucose in her urin not blood . They say it’s fancomi syndrome but also not sure they say I need a specialist. Her urin is clear she drinks a lot of water I give her clear no flavor pedialight in 2 ml syringes 4 times a day . That does help her drinking excess water but she is not well I dint know how to help her. I’m not sure she has fancomi Becuse she has no dog bones or dry food just giving her what you make . Grass feed no probiotic meat . Rice and eggs and flaxseed and vegetables green ones mostly. Also your vitamins and fish oil . Please any advice I beg for help please she is my baby to me. Ty ty ty she is a Pomeranian with a weight of about 12 lbs in weight

  6. Hello Dr.jones,
    My dog was playing with a stick and she got a pretty big wound in her mouth and do you have any tips to make her better and make her eat properly?

  7. My poor boy (shih tzu)has been suffering with chronic ear infections (only his right ear) for the past two and half months. We began with a antibiotic drop, it didn’t work they did a culture and determined there was two types of bacteria so they tried an antibiotic pill. That didn’t work and so they prescribed a second antibiotic pill and he just finished and sadly that didn’t work either. Our vet says they’re at a loss and are suggesting we take him to a dermatologist. Before we do that I would like to try some of your suggestions namely the antihistamine. Would it be ok to give him Claritin and would it be the same dosage?

  8. I have a 4 month old kitten that is very active, healthy appetite, very soft shiny coat. She has an appointment to get spayed when she will be 7 months old. The person That I spoke to , said that she probably needs to be wormed. She is an inside cat, she has no diarrhea, but this person insists that she more than likely has worms that were passed on to her through her mothers milk. What are your thoughts on this. I hate to give her worming meds, if it isn’t necessary. BTW she is not skinny. If she were an adult cat she probably would be fat by now, because she can really put away the food. She has doubled in size since we got her at the end of August.

  9. Dr. Jones I want to thank you for your videos. I have learned so much from you. Even though I have always been no kibble/natural medicine/ less vaccine pet parent, you have help me with several things that have cropped up with my dog and cat and saved me so much money in unnecessary vet bills! I want to ask if you would do a video about seasonal Alopecia with dogs. At 5 years old my Lab started loosing hair on the backs of his legs anytime the seasons changed. It’s on both legs almost symmetrical and nowhere else on his body. I have had success giving 4 mg of melatonin for 4 weeks straight but…he then grows about 4x the thickness coat while waiting for the hair to grow back In those areas, and I can hardly touch him without getting a big handful of hair, and I’m vacuuming 2x daily. I’m wonder what your thoughts are on this condition, what may have caused it and if there is anything else that can be done to treat it. I have him on your homemade food recipes, your vitamins and krill oil. He has a wonderfully beautiful coat and no skin issues but here goes the bald chicken legs as winter is coming in. Thank you in advance!

  10. Speak of the devil!! Mine has one now and I am treating him. He is white so lots of pink skin and lots of allergies. His vet said he has “bald feet”… please tell me what I can do! He is our beloved sweet 10 yr old boy!!

  11. I don't know but I've been doing a lot of home remedies on my dog's ears and can't seem to take care of the problem I can't afford a vet my money fixed income basis so I'm at wit's end on what to do I don't want to get rid of my dog but I don't want him to suffer anymore either my dog is all I have he keeps me company he loves me he's there for me if it wasn't for my dog I don't know what I would do I've done the green tea treatment I've done apple cider vinegar treatment I've treated him for ear mites and ear mites is not the problem so I don't know what else to do

  12. 🇺🇸Hey, Dr. Jones;
    Re: "IODINE" Natural Flea and Tick Remedy
    I've discovered that "IODINE" kills 100% Fleas and Brown and Deer Ticks.
    I've also had similar results, on flees, using regular orange pekoe/black tea.
    GOD Bless.

  13. My Pekingese is having the same symptoms as Tula right now, plus diarrhea, so this video was very helpful, thank you! Is there anything Dr. Jones recommends for this related diarrhea issue? I believe her allergy/inflammatory flare up is connected. I know he reccomends his health supplement advanced canine but if there's anything else I'm open.

  14. Doctor as you have said, having are dogs spayed and nurtured can cause 3x the chances for ear infections from allergies ? Maybe you can research Neem leaf used for thousands of years for birth control ? It would be a wonderful natural product you could market for pet parents who don't want to subject their pets to the possible ill effects of having them sterilized?

  15. I’ve been researching a lot the last couple of years trying to get to the bottom of some health issues and I came across some people who research geoengineering and the chemicals, metals and nanotechnology in our air, food and water. Nano is in everything and people and animals are reacting to it. Glysophate and GMO as well as big pharma etc have all created an extremely unhealthy world. An herbalist I trust who has tons of information on what to eat and what not to eat as well as how to get nano out of food and how to detox. Vaccines are loaded with it also. Our pets are suffering with many of the same issues because of these unregulated and hidden toxins and poisons. Best bet is to eat local beef or wild caught food. All vegetables, fruits and grains are loaded with toxins now and all processed food is not even food anymore. Tony Pantalleresco, Aroy Mak, bye bye blue sky, geoengineering.org are some of the very few speaking truth. We need to spread the word and wake people up to this before it’s too late.

  16. My dog had a lot of ear infections her first year, the vet kept giving her antibiotics and I'd clean her ears daily with the ear cleaner they gave me, she still kept getting them. I had someone tell me that their dog did it when it was allergy the food it was eating. I had asked the vet that and they said oh no it's not that she's just prone to get them. I changed her food a couple times trying different ones and only when I started making her food and making sure it was gluten free that's when her ear infections stopped completely. I told my vet and they said yeah that could help. Well it did help her totally get rid of them, no thanks to them because they couldn't keep charging me so much.

  17. Hey, really love that your videos involve very little Pharma products! When my cat had fleas/allergy, once a day for 2 days I use DMSO mixed with colloidal silver 20%/80% and dab it on her skin in and behind ears, shoulder blade and base of tail and it has cleared up her flea allergy and killed all the fleas and eggs. If she licks it off, it is also dissolving pathogens internally so it's important to only do one dose for just a few days so there are no detox side effects.

  18. Dear Dr. Jones;
    I want to give you a Bravo. You stepped out of a secure practice to follow an ideal for the sake of the little creatures whose health was your responsibility. I'm sure it hasn't come easily. No doubt you were attacked and slandered by those with whom you once associated; vet professionals as well.
    You are an encouragement to many. Fully trusted as well. My hope is that you and your family will prosper more than ever. Best and warmest regards to you.

  19. Thank you so much for this information. Our frenchie is very yeasty, and we have been trying everything… My question is, do you think giving these supplement in their food crushed, etc, is less effective?

  20. I will rewatch this video several times to write down everything but do I wait 2 weeks in between the ears and then 2 weeks for inflammation and then treat the allergy or can or should I start some of your products or the over the counter products while I start on her ears?? And what should not be used together at the same time. I'm desperate to help my grandfurbaby but I'm so confused on the choices. Daytona is a 60 -70 pound beagle/catahoula/??/mix. She was rescued at about 6 months and she is about 4 years now. My son has spent so much money at the vet and on special dog foods and strong medicines and nothing gets rid of her red belly/groin/armpits and ear problems once the medicine is out of her system a week or two. She's had this most of her life and we have tried the food allergy test and I'm sure it's not that. I'm thinking it's in the yard but I'm not sure if it's grass or what and how to treat the yard safely. She only goes outside a couple of times a day because my son works long hours. I don't see a change in winter time so I don't know for sure if it's seasonal or environmental. I've watch most of your videos on red itching skin and allergies etc. I bought generic Benadryl and she gets 2 pills every evening. I bought coconut oil and rubbed her stomach and ears and gave her a spoonful and she threw up for 2 days and licked it off. Can you please tell me if she was your dog and you loved her so much what exactly would you give her and in what order. I'm so sorry this is so long but I was trying to give you all the facts so you may can advise me. I will get what ever you advise me to get.

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