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  1. My dog has autoimmune diseases and my vet won't address as an entire issue, what can i give her that helps? We are treating for pannus, dry crusty nose and anal fistulas. She has a tender tummy and keratosis.

  2. My puppy has just been given Meloxicam today! 5 days worth, will definitely look for this alternative. They don't know what's wrong with him, so why give him something without knowing what's wrong with him 🤷🏻‍♀️

  3. I was going the holistic route for a while for my dog's pain. CBD oil is a joke of a fad. If your pet is on any other meds, cbd oil takes over enzymes in your pet's liver to prevent anything else from being metabolized until the cbd oil meaning it can be dangerous leaving high levels of other meds in your pet's system when it's time for their next dose. I was adamant against NSAIDSs but Galliprant is the safest option on the market and has changed the quality of my dog's life. I still add an OTC pain med sometime but mostly the Galliprant is doing wonders.

  4. Oh my goodness, Buster also did not drink much after his recent toe amputation. I assumed he wasn't thirsty. Had I seen this video directly he returned home from surgery, I would have given him syringes of pure water to drink as well as following your advice.

    Thank you so much for this information, Doctor.

  5. Ty my vet has hadmy dog on meloxaid for 3 yrs now because she has tumer or tumers i thought i was doing good with her as my vet originally said she would be dead in a wk 3 yrs on she still here
    But hes getting a small fortune off me and i cant really afford it so ty im going to try ur advice

  6. My dog was attack by a large dog a week ago. He has a large hematoma in his abdominal area on one side. I don't want anything for pain, but for inflammation. I have some metacam but after this video I don't want to give it to him. Now I'm not sure what would work on it.

  7. Yes, can you show the label of your alternative as you said it so fast I missed it and I watched it 4 times but still mussed it. If anybody heard it please respond to this message with the name of the alternate. Thank you.

  8. I can never figure out how to sign up for, and attend, webinars.
    This one sounds very good and I'd love to hear it.
    I hope it gets posted on YouTube after the fact, so I can watch it.

  9. We have found this to be true with people & animals. We & our doggie have been using turmeric & things like it for awhile now & avoid pain meds. Thank you for getting the word out.

  10. This is scary, my cat is on long term metacam, every day for over 5 years and they still don’t know what’s wrong with her. It does help tho n I make sure it’s never given on an empty stomach

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