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  1. How many titles trans women (aka men) have won in sports? Does that skinny Megan Rapinoe guy with a Karen haircut know who Fallon Fox is??? The dude manhandled women and almost killed then in the octagon

  2. The woman that said men are born naturally with more muscle mass than a woman is not inclusive and made a very sexist statement. There is no biological difference between men and women. And why would we assume only women have less muscle mass?

  3. Yes, Great Value Megan Rapinoe, you’re right. We don’t want you ppl in bathrooms you don’t belong in. What is it with you people and wanting little girls to see your penis in public restrooms?

  4. The disabled woman has a chip on her shoulder. The discussion was about women and feminism. Many of these women were full time victims and what was holding them back had everything to do with attitude and nothing to do with sexism or barriers in law or society.

  5. The editing here is bad and sub-standard. You have basically snuffed out the voices of each of the panelists, and potrated them as a bunch of confused people. Sad, as for this is truly a missed opportunity!!

  6. The insufferable woman to the bottom right with the Chuck Norris from Long Wolf Mcquade jacket must be the type to argue with herself in front of a mirror because of how detrimental it must be to be herself

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