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  1. from the text I had found and lost it was said that it was a white man that lived among non white men and woman that was a shaman and was strange because there was no evidence other then documentation somewhere of him being a drifter and people would feed him in exchange for medicine and healing, he was buried Ina shroud of 13 cannabis plants also placed in his tomb was jars seeds and a small ball of psychoactive resin. kinda ghostly, also a friend told me somewhere in Chinese text was a book of all the different plants and in that book was a very long section regarding cannabis and its many different studys something like 60 pages of that book compared to three or four pages dedicated to most other types of plants. also the first medicine man I read about was pretty crazy Shang sing lived like a animal in the woods nibbling on every single plant he came across testing its affe cts on himself and learning how to become a I don't know what you would call it some crazy botanists that eats plants and makes medicine and lives like a animal

  2. I thought cannabis was only indigenous to the Americas? If so that would mean the historians got it wrong again. Also proving that indigenous cultures had international interactions with each other waaaay before Columbus.

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