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  1. This is literally the first video I've ever seen that properly explains the cons of both and while most videos or articles basically boil down to "whatever you like, man", this is the first piece of media that uses that point properly.

  2. That’s why you wash the blunt wrap wash of the nic so you get most of the nic off and y ok don’t get as much and it’s less likely to get addicted
    I’ve been smoking blunts for a minute and I still would never even consider smoking a cigarette or a vape

  3. When I was younger never would I smoke cigs/cigars…fast forward to years later when I started smoking weed so much so to the point I got addicted to tobacco and from there progressed to black and molds…while I don’t smoke cigs/cigars today I still struggle with NOT smoking blunts lol trying to make the switch to papers though

  4. This is so garbage you didn’t even review blunt or smoke one this was kind of pointless it was cool you brought up nicotine makes it stronger , but you didn’t do the topic justice very sad
    Also side note I found this on accident but I used to be a sub ! I never unsubscribed

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