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  1. I take Breaks to be able to think clearly not to be able to get more high the next time I smoke, you really don't realize how much your mind is being dragged down until you stop for a week and regain proper adaptive thinking, I have smoked for 14 years and i'm 25 and every year I take about 3 weeks off to reset and keep myself grounded properly, don't let the addiction fool you.

  2. A bud major said if you use cbd it helps reverse that feeling. As if your clogged up and the cbd helps eliminate that process.so mix it in with your bud or or do it alone. Also had medicinal herbs which helps conserve and give you an even better effect. I love mixing my bud with lavender and mugwort <3

  3. T breaks help some people but honestly have done nothing for me. I had to quit for the military and when i got back years later i got bakeddd , but my tolerance went right back up to normal within like a week or so. Have tried a few times since then and same result.

  4. Yeah I feel you I smoked bud everyday for the past 3-4 years I didn’t start smoking all the time but I had homie that was doing shi to get hella money so they always had hella buds and was always inviting me to get faded and a couple of times I got some ounces for myself but those ounces would last unless I went out with some homies to smoke and I’ll get blasted faded off like a blunt or 2 but now a whole blunt faced To myself gets me faded chill but like it’s not like the first times and it don’t last about 2 hours like they say now it’ll go away like In 30 minutes to an hour and I’ll feel like I wanna smoke again it’s not that I need it its that I want it so I get faded again lmaoo I needa take a break no cap

  5. Hey bro, been a long time watcher u probs recognize my name n Shi and I got a question. I know mans should probably just go to the doctors, but I hit a bowl before bed the other day and coughed up blood after the bowl. Has this ever happened to you ? I smoke packs daily (4-7 grams per day + 1 pack of backwoods a day for past 2 years). I’m 19 and overall healthy.

  6. I was high for the past 3 months every single day, And I just got off my first ever actual tolerance break (I took a week sobriety break) we’ll see how much more High I will be getting this coming week and the benefits from it.

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