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  1. It wasn't a racially motivated attack lmao dude was addicted to fucking the prostitutes in the bath house and shot it up out of frustration of not being able to quit fucking Asian women in the spas

    He didn't shoot then because they were Asian, he shot them because they were prostitutes and he was addicted to giving them money for pussy

  2. 😂there is hate towards Asians and Jews if you can’t see it ur blind they go into these Inter city’s and buy up all they property and stores then Jack the rent and prices on food up to evict the unwanted and move in the new ones that freshly immigrated

  3. I'm sorry but from my personal experiences with all kinds of Asians, is that they strongly dislike non Asian minorities. Alot of times I've seen Asians indulging in the same racism they wanted to stop during the stop asian hate campaign. It's crazy how one issues blew up into a whole movement, when Asians have always been the token minority

  4. Dude in the suit is just repeating right wing propagandists. Very original, what a sheep. His eyes darting around show he’s just looking for people that are buying is BS. “Please believe the garbage I’m spewing”. Give me a break. Crime is real, yes, but this is distracting from the issue of racism which the right wing is all to willing to forgive at every turn.

  5. This dude talking is brainwashed lol there’s no mass crime happening. That’s just a typical right wing talking point to scare people into the voting booth. Kinda like saying “if you don’t believe in Jesus you go to hell”

  6. Man I’m from the Deep South and we love the Asians down here. Some of the most successful small business owners, always so polite, and on god some of the best restaurants. My mouth just watering thinking about a bowl of Pho from the local Vietnamese restaurant, have mercy. No Asian hate, even tho I’m from a “red state.”

  7. Yes lets avoid the steep increase in violence against asian people, violence that often comes with verbal proof of targeted violence, and let's make it a general issue of crime and violence. Because a targeted approach to targeted crimes are useless.

  8. People from California are truly just dumber than the rest of us. Everything has to be about “social injustice” and victimhood instead of tackling a problem head on like the guy in the suit was talking about.

  9. Look at the videos of who was attacking the Asians and you'll notice they all have something in common regarding their skin color. But no one wants to address the elephant in the room

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