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  1. I'm looking to grow both indoors and outdoors and I live in Canada with a relatively short growing season out in the wild. Autos will suit me perfectly for outdoors as they develop more quickly but I'll have more control over a photoperiod plant indoors. Being able to trigger flowering with photoperiods is hugely advantageous in a grow tent where space is at a premium.

  2. it would depend on which strain,some are just a pain the ass to grow indoors or out.some you can pretty much set and forget if planting outdoors,you could even use a cover if you want lighting changes outdoors and some of those auto strains are also pretty hefty producers planted outdoors with a bit of tlc

  3. Currently I am experimenting with different varieties. Auto flower, feminized, and regular. But I am really interested in hemp for fiber grow. Do you or will you be publishing any video's on different types of hemp? Please and thank you.
    I would also like to add that I am growing for me personally, not looking for any profit whatsoever, I am seeking what works specifically focused on my individual medical needs. I want to create my own strain. I read that if we place seed in our mouth it can make the seed download your beneficial systemic profile and activate a connection explicitly for your molecular system. I am enthralled with this idea.

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