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  1. Thank you so much—after the shroom trip I just had; your videos are like an oasis in the desert. I hope you know I found this video after watching a more recent one (the drug Iceberg video)—& I found it incredibly illuminating to see how much of a noticeable contrast there is between the past you & your current self. You’re on my raydar now, pal❗️👨‍🚀

  2. I took it when I was 14 and took 200ug I completely under estimated it, I was staring at my bedroom door for legit 2hours thinking someone was about to bust into it but my house was completely empty

  3. I used to trip A LOT on the 90s, and once I got too cocky and took a very large dose and completely spun myself. I lost it, and was convinced that I was either going to die, or even worse never come back to myself again. I had seen the man behind the curtain so to speak, I saw the computer motherboard that runs the universe and I was convinced that the entity that was running it was not going to allow me to live to tell the tale. I have not touched lsd since. I think when you have a true terror trip, it definitely changes you in a way.

  4. Jesus loves you all , repent for your sins and accept him in your heart to be accepted into heaven . God bless you all!!!🖤

  5. This is your experience of LSD… it sounds like the worst kind of setting surrounded by a bunch of immature people that knew very little about psycedelics. If you use LSD, mushrooms or even DMT with respect and create a good setting and choose a dose that works for you then generally they are alll safer than most recreational drugs…..

  6. Has to be some what traumatising after that experience, it mite of just been a trip but I bet it felt more real and intense than anything you ever gone through! Wild lol

  7. I took acid in my room the first time as i don’t trust my friends there trip killers lol and what a fun time only thing was the stairs freaked me out i had to piss in a bottle as i couldn’t go downstairs i played darts and thought i was amazing (in the morning not 1 dart made the dart board my wall looked like a fucking sieve) i put on pink floyd live and the colours were fucking amazing and music was just better, my dog felt amazing i couldn’t stop petting her, the fur was like silk 🤣🤣🤣 🍄

  8. I'm sorry You had a bad experience with LSD 🙁 x but the weed leaf thing did make laugh lol I don't no how I'm comeing across theses older videos they keep turning up on my YouTube it's Awsome

  9. Mate i love ur vids and all but this just seem ignorant to judge acid of ur first trip where it seemed to be abit hectic bc of the settings n moments not the acid itself. Personally, ive only had a bad/scary trip on lsd after smoking a shit ton on a high dose, and it seems like you went in not knowing a thing about mixing weed with pyschs, u might normally have a tolerance, but when ur tripping its a completely different animal. Dont get me wrong i love smoking bud whilst tripping, but at least now im more experienced and used to the trippyness as u have to just let go. I recommend going out in nature with close mates and taking just acid itself on a day where your in a good headspace and im sure ur experience would be much much better💯

  10. I could always see this thing called a life loop. Well that's what I call it. Its like a loop made up of sillouhettes of everything in the room put together into squished loop. And it's like I could see it going around the outside of the room. But obviously I couldn't.

  11. 250ug can do that. People just don't seem to think so coz 90% of people lie about dosage. 90% of tabs nowadays are actually 90-150ug. Even when they're advertised as 300. And if acid was absorbed thru ur fingers u wud have to Rly squeeze it hard for quite a while and u wud have to sweat for it to absorb an amount that would make a difference. Just sayin. Wudnt of been 400ug. U literally wouldn't be able to move or talk on 400ugs. Real 400ugs

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  13. If anyone is planning to do acid, make sure you feel no hint of anxiety, if u do- just save it for another day- it may be annoying at the moment but you'd wish u did it if u start having a bad trip. LSD is not to be messed with. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A TRIP SITTER- it's literally vital!

  14. So, I'm a pretty experienced psychonaut, I have gone furhter than most would dare, so I'm going to share what I have learned; 1)Don't use psychadelics with people that you don't know VERY well.
    2) When doing it for the first times, have a tripsitter that you trust completly and preferably one that is experienced i psychadelics,. the tripsitter should be sober or at least noy more than only very slightly iebriated.
    3) Go with the flow, DO NOT fight the trip, doing so will only hurt you.
    4) Do some research beforehand, mind your set and setting, don't fear the ego death, and DO NOT try psychadelics if you have a family history of serious mental health issues such as Schizophrenia, psychosis or extreme paranoia.
    5) Don't trust your asshole dealer (this goes for all drugs), beacuse that could get you killed, test your tabs with a Ehrlich reagent. and "If it's bitter it's a spitter", if your tabs taste bitter spit them out immediately, It's probably some kind of NBOMe or other research chemical ant these may kill you as opposed to acid and shrooms wich are completely safe from a physical perspective. Real acid is tasteless, the only flavour you arte going to get is the flavour of paper or a very, very slight metallic taste from the ink.
    6) Do not combine your psychadelics with other drugs, no alcohol, no weed, no blow, no oxy, keep it real.
    7) Check out Psyched Substance on yt, trust Adam, he is the real guru of the internet, I vouch for him, he is legit.

  15. i took 3 or 4 hits for my first time i don’t remember and honestly it was kinda scary, i remember looking in the mirror and my skin was crawling and i felt very nervous i felt like i was peeing my self the entire time lol

  16. i just took my first acid and it was 250 ug had a full on ego death i felt insane wanted to kill myself wanted this to be over, i thought i was gonna be insane forever and ever and ever and the only way to stop this was to kill myself (i did not but my ego was) and then boom i remembered shit who i was were i was and i was so thankful, it was like waking up from a bad dream and ur so thankful its finished, but it made me humble and now when i judge ppl, well i dont no more there is no need we are all but one like ying and yang and, a bad trip is for me a life changing trip i would never go there again like srlsy it was that insane and terrifying but god damm it makes u a better human being at the end of the day and small things u have in ur life as well as big things u are super thankful for it so yh, that was my first time doing acid,

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