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  1. Hi Doctor in the past on my other dogs I’ve used all the techniques you’ve been so kind to show and kept dental cleaning down to 3 years. On my new dog it’s been every year plus I’ve brushed his teeth everyday. I’ve changed his food as a pup he didn’t react well to same foods as other same breed. He’s a coton de tulear. Should I feed him raw food cooked food and just avoid these expensive hard food? Please advise?! Thanks 🙏

  2. People need to be really careful not to poke their gums or scratch their enamel to I don’t think this is such a good idea for most people to do at home unless they are very careful and know what they’re doing and what to beware of. Baby carrots and Raul sweet potato are good for cleaning my dogs teeth I also brush her teeth and take her in for a cleanings though

  3. When you’re showing the instrument if you put your hand behind it it will focus on the instrument. They do it all the time and make up videos when they’re holding up a brush LOL

  4. Is there any natural product or recipe that can be used for a few weeks to soften the tartar prior to a procedure like this? I’m looking for a safe product or recipe for a kitty 🐱. Awesome channel, just subscribed. ❤️

  5. I feel bad because my dog hates her mouth being touched. She’s 13 now and her teeth are going bad. I’m going to try my best to brush her teeth 😤😤😤 I feel really bad though for not taking care of it like I should of been

  6. I started with microfiber wrapped around my finger, wetting it with a little bit of water, and just making soothing sounds gently rubbing the outside of my dogs teeth. About 2 weeks later I introduced a brush, and when he was ok with that, I added enzymatic toothpaste. It took about a month to get there. Its actually faster than getting your dog to accept havin his ears cleaned in my experience. Every year he goes in to have his teeth deep cleaned by my vet, just to make sure everything is good and Im not missing something.

  7. Hello, why are you showing your audience how to clean our pets teeth using dental tools like we know what we are doing! They barely allowing us to brush their teeth let alone going towards them with a sharp instrument which we have no training, nor knowledge how to use it. When dogs have their teeth cleaned professionally by you the vet, they are sedated! I thought you were going to show us how to make a natural tooth paste and/or a natural mouthwash to put in their water bowl or something, not something as ludicrous as this!

  8. So sorry for your loss! I took my dog to the vet to have her teeth clean professionally and when I returned the doctor kimmel had pulled one of her canine tooth’ the long top tooth, I cannot call the proper name of the tooth, I am having a senior moment right now, and when he handed it to me he stated that something was wrong with it, again I cannot recall what it was, but the tooth looked perfectly fine to me. I think he pulled her tooth to pad the bill! I was very unhappy and upset and now that I think about it, I should not have paid for that unauthorized extraction! It was many, many years before that vet clinic saw us again and when I returned Dr Kimmel was no longer there. My dog was always drooling because of him pulling her tooth. I brushed my dog teeth twice a week and she had annually cleanings until I could not avoid it and I had her teeth cleaned every other year. Also, I used a water 💦 pik , which gave her beautifully fresh and white teeth.

  9. my dog has that, Its kind of hard brushing his teeth because his tongue sticks out of his mouth, he has a condition, he has a hard time eating and hes getting old now. So im going to try and help him and make him have a awesome life before he goes.

  10. Thanks for the video. I will try to help my 14yo doxie like this. I am afraid she wont make it at the vet. She is healthy but anesthesia etc. I'm not sure she can handle it. Reading at some comments get me more afraid. Plus estimates are coming up from $500-700 which right now I don't have.

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