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  1. I went to a vet that convinced me to to do a dental on my cats teeth.
    He is only 3 years old. Completely healthy beforehand.
    He used to eat 5 meals a day.
    Now I'm lucky if he eats one meal.
    They overdosed him with the wrong medication.
    Changed the name of the med three times when I asked what it was. He had an inflamed nose and chin and the vets told me his head matching is body he is fine. I said that's funny iv owned him for three years and his head has always been smaller then his body. I asked why he was breathing out of his mouth. The vets answer was 'hes special' I asked why did I have to hand feed my cat for two weeks for just a clean no teeth extractions? They went silent. I said I can't keep doing this I have a disability. They said if he is eating continue to feed him by hand.
    When I asked for further scans or blood tests they gave me a lawyer's email and told me to contact that email.
    I took him to another vet and they said, vets don't overdose. That's not true. That didn't happen..
    I took him to another vet and they told me it will cost me $7000 to do scans and tests him disregarding the actual cost of surgery but I can go on a payment plan.
    I went to a hospital and he had hyperthermia sweating profusely from toxcity. They blamed it on the stress he was from going to the vet. Even though he did this at home.
    I feel once they wreck your pet they avoid accountability at all costs to keep their job. They don't care about the animal. Only the money and sales.
    Six weeks later. No answers
    Bloods are fine.
    He's breathing from him mouth, no eating and having seizures hiding depressed, lethargic . Vets are complete assholes
    I don't trust any vets at all

  2. The vet i went to with my now 14 year old rescue dog has NEVER ever been examined by her . 5 years and never once an exam yet i paid for an exam furthermore the assistant just took my credit card number

  3. You may not have a choice anymore. There’s a “consortium” buying up private veterinary practices. Now they have a giant Monopoly of extreme prices and months long waits. That force you to go the the 24h emergency vet at even higher prices owned by guess who? I don’t blame the actual Dr. because they are under a program of constraints of time and pushing expensive tests that usually reveals nothing. This makes me pause when I even think of adding a new pet. Terrible for pets and people. Just so sad.

  4. as a wildlife carer I have a now 3 page long word document full of vet malpractices that i'll someday send to the state vet board when i get too much information. Doesn't take long to fill. Last malpractice I had involved a baby skink with distended bowel and obviously crushed spine, dragging its hind legs. vet gave me it to care without any opiod they had prescribed…..sure i'll just walk into a vet clinic and ask for some opiod by myself. This morning another vet gave me an obvious poisoned victim, told me he was fine.

  5. I’m forever gonna have very bad trust issues with vets. No one has to tell me that there are good nurses, because I KNOW there is.
    My very young boy, my cat, my orange boy, Tormund. I lose him due to the vets sending him home with a open gap in his bladder area, which was very poorly stitched. He still bled, and he was in so much pain. We did everything. We kept him warm, we stayed with him, but now, he’s gone, I won’t ever be able to see I’m physically. I’ll never be able to pet his short, soft fur. I’ll never be able to see him run around the house. I’m gonna miss him so much.
    But he will never be forgotten. I won’t see him, but I’ll hear him. I’ll hold him so close to my heart. I’ll hold Chester close, too. They will never be forgotten. We gave them the best life, and that’s what matters. We cared for them, we spoiled them, and we loved them.
    We’ll meet again at the Rainbow Bridge, Chester and Tor. It will take a while, but I’ll be there. You will get to see Weezus, the cat I always talked about. You’ll see him, and he’ll greet you. He will comfort you. He’s good at that. And you’ll also see some other cats that were important to me, but I never got to see. I’ll miss you all, and I hope I’ll see you again. Walk with each other, and have the best afterlife ever, my sweet babies.

    And to all of you who are having a hard time healing from the emotional scar of losing someone, always ALWAYS remember, that you loved them. You CARED for them. Don’t ever think you didn’t do the right things for them, you think of the happiest moments with them, and you remember them by it. You remember their names, you remember what they felt like, and what they sounded like. They will NEVER be forgotten. They are here with you, but you can’t see them physically. You will hear them, you will remember them. And one day, you will get to see them again. They will wait for you. They loved you like you loved them. That’s what matters. You will have a scar, but that scar will heal for some of you, and for others, it will heal, but the mark will still be there.

    You’ll see them again, and you will walk with them, forever together, never separated.


  6. Doc, unfortunately, it just doesn't seem to work that way (with a lot of your points) especially about not being a passive participant and ask questions. I have tried to treat vets with kid gloves so that they do not get offended by questions and it just doesn't work. Most vets, from experience, become uptight or offended if you even question anything that they want to do. This goes for medications, etc. It doesn't seem to matter if you go to a budget vet or expensive clinic setting. More or less, it always comes across that they know everything and how dare you ask questions. I have shown authorities literature from online resources (top vet schools, American Vet. Medical Association, etc.) and eyes glaze over. Honestly, I am afraid to ever get another dog from some of the experiences in the past. Most vets make it very difficult to be the pet's voice/advocate.

  7. I got screwed and a broken heart because of negligence. The money was more important than life itself. I have a good vet now and he cares. BUT THIS IS RARE . I would say the majority of vets in my area cheated their way thru school. They only know the simple basic stuff you or I would know. When it comes to an emergency- response is "we will have to keep the animal over night" (to prolong it's suffering, mistreat or ignore it, and wring out your wallet.) They act like you are in a fast food drive thru. I pray their evil doings come back on them in a big way for all the suffering they cause to our pets and for our broken hearts!!!!

  8. In relation to the St Catherines vet that had all charges dropped against him after caught on video abusing animals…

    The College of Veterinarians of Ontario : [taken from their own website, my comments in brackets]

    Issues licences to qualified individuals [qualified? really? LIES!!!!]
    Sets standards to improve the quality and safety of veterinary care [LIES!!!!!]
    Inspects and accredits veterinary facilities to assure a safe, professional environment [LIES!!!!!]
    Investigates and resolves concerns about a veterinarian and his/her practice [LIES!!!!]
    Administers quality practice programs to promote ongoing improvement and growth [LIES!!!!!]
    The College licenses approximately 4,700 veterinarians and accredits over 2,300 veterinary facilities in Ontario. The role and authority of the College is set out in the Veterinarians Act and regulations made under this legislation. [4,700 = $$$]

    The veterinary profession in Ontario has been [POORLY] regulated since 1877.

  9. My first German Shepherd died at the age of 13 months after a veterinarian who had indoor boarding kennels let my baby get hit by a car. My dog was still alive but the vet did not attempt to do what she had referred to as "life saving surgery" until the next day. My dog had a ruptured bladder, broken rib, punctured lung and suffered 3 cardiac arrests after the vet did her surgery. After pursuing legal action, my own attorney stabbed me in the back. I have lost 7 dogs in my adult life and all had been victims of veterinary neglect/harm. I hope they all rot in fucking hell.

  10. i had a man vet that i liked and trusted but he was retireing and he had a woman vet there taking his place and i brought one of my cats and he jumped off the table and and she grabed him the the back leg and lifted him back onto the table with his back leg and i ididn't like that at all so i went to the man vet and told him i don't like her she is not a very good vet and he told me i was not the first to complain about her there were others and she didn't keep her job he found someone better

  11. I was in a new area and went to a vet for my Senior cat. My cat needed a blood work analysis. 2-3 big men tried holding him down to draw blood. In my cat's mind, he was fighting for his life. They finally sedated him and drew the blood and sent him home still Groggy and barely able to walk. For 2-3 weeks following, my cat was a shadow of himself-clearly traumatized and in shock. He recovered but was never anything less than violent at the new veterinarians office I took him too. The vet that traumatized him was not cat-friendly and all pictures on the website of the staff with their pets had all dogs in them. There was one stock photo off of a website of a cat. They clearly prefer treating farm animals and dogs. The vet went on a year later to build a bigger practice in a very affluent community. I switched to another vet who had resident cats and was very gentle in the handling of my cat who never forgot his experience and was not a good patient ever again.

  12. This is a warning for cat lovers. Be very careful and observant of vets. Not all vets like cats. Unfortunately there are too many that are dog lovers of the type that automatically hate cats. I'll never understand why loving dogs makes some people hate cats but I have met plenty of them. And they will proudly tell you how much they hate cats and are usually very smug about it. I have went to a vet who didn't like cats but it took me awhile to figure it out. I now go to a "cats only" vet who is wonderful. Do your cats a favor and be careful choosing a vet.

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