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  1. I think it's snow cap and chemdog 99% sure . Also a helpful hint . I roll joints daily. If you take your crutch and lay it in the right side of the paper and roll the crutch into the joint instead of stuffing it in afterwards it makes rolling allot easier. I'll try to make and send you a video soon to demo

  2. The struggle is real! I use to only smoke out of bombs and pipes. And I started hangout with my big cuz more and she smokes blunts. And my Bf smokes joints! Sooooo now I'm trying to learn who to roll I'm like 50/50 w blunts and I prefer them more👌🏼 but joints…. Hahaha I'll take a cone for them 😂😂😂 love u josh👌🏼

  3. cop yourself a kingsize raw rolling machine, i got mine 3 years ago for 6 dollars and everytime i use 2 papers and they're like cigarettes. i can stuff like 1.5/2 gs in a faaaat joint

  4. I've done the the double paper joint a couple of times lol I mess up to were only humans people mess up with rolling joints all the time my buddy Roy can only roll blunts his hands are way to big for regular 1 1/4 papers 🙌

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