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  1. She legit just turned this into jujeh kabob lol

    Persians can’t tailgate bruh

    Too scattered and complicated people

    We do better in kitchens where chaos can be contained

  2. I always click munchies vids I watch them all but when I see it's a the cooking show I'm stoked!!.I knownits not just me Farideh is so ❤️‍🔥. Sicily . O right there is a video to watch 😁 ha I'm glade to say hold your tongue brother the jets are 4-2 right now !!. Agian matchlight grr just get cowboy charcoal and a Chimney. I hate hate matchlight. Sorry not soory but by the time the lighter Fluid taste and smell is gone you have little Gray pucks with even smaller cooking time😡. I know it's a sponsor but tisk tisk. I eat both but flats all day!!.

  3. Seems like they were just meshed together right before recording. “Should I call you Joe or Tailgate Joe?” Probably should’ve done that before the recording. Wings look good though

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