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  1. bro i ordered a piece just like your but it didnt show up and i cant get in contact with anyone at smoke fox. ive called and emailed but no response and the phone # is disconnected. can you help me get it contact please.

  2. Hey Josh awesome video love your Channel. I checked out that golden ticket and yeah that's a great deal.$220.00 for that bong and that golden ticket valued at $324.75 worth of free stuff. damn If I had the cash I for sure wouldn't pass that up. …late…

  3. Bent Glass is 2LegitTooQuit thats the smallest Bent ive seen hella . Would love to see another collab sesh video would be Righteous like Devin The Dude. Keep Slaying The Beast West coast Harvest Oust

  4. My daily driver for the past 2 years has always been my TAG 16" double honeycomb perc bong. Would easily recommend any ThickAssGlass piece for a smoker on a budget, amazing glass.

  5. I liked the design and ergonomics of it but at 1st the price I'm like ooh I was hoping for just under 200 but it is way worth it with so many goodies, it would be cool it their was a ratchet perk welding the top of the shower perk into the body supporting it, only down side but still a dope bong

  6. Hey Josh could you try to do a review on the TAG 15" Arm Tree Beaker? I'm looking at buying one and it would be my first piece so I'm kind of nervous. If anyone in the comments has had experience with the piece I appreciate any advice.

  7. Josh man have you ever used grunge off cleaner? it's the best it'll leave all your pieces clean as a whistle! and there is no flavor distortion from it as long as you give it a good couple of hot water rinses and you're golden man. and it's reusable as well you just need some coffee filters and a funnel so that when you pour it back in the bottle you use the filters so you don't get that resin in your cleaner when you're done. check it out man I recommend. anyway keep it up love and enjoy all the vids and knowledge from em.#stayhigh #staydabbing

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