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  1. Dam im from Australia and 100% has my respect. Started for the right reasons as someone who suffers from seizures his words echoed in my brain. Gas house get up in the Aus medical market we need some pluto😂🤙🏼

  2. Let’s go! Just went ahead and subscribed to the seed bank. If you watched this video, they basically giving you a way to have a head start to get your hands on some of the best genetics around right now. 🙏🏾

  3. Soap comes from the gelato. I have the only gelato split in the world. Im creating a Creamsicle line. Orange Creamsicle is sweet orange soap with a pine lime exhale hit me up if you want to do business. You are a hard man to get a hold of

  4. Gas ⛽️ House or NO HOUSE. Been supporting da guys. Weather they check there dm’s or not. (Lol) It’s still EastAtlanta forever in a day . Put everyone and everything on the Pluto in da last 3 years. And after Friday at 12:00 pm on BlackFriday I will be able to continue to put the communitie on #PlutoMe. So since we may never meet or you acknowledge Da 6. I give you both y’all flowers 💐….I know y’all are Humble Gentleman but don’t be that guy. Always remember where y’all came from and who supported since day one#PlantIt_6 #ChemGrillz#DayumShady#CityShyt #Moreland&Glenwood

  5. Shout out to GasHouse. I remember seeing that documentary back in the day when Buddy's garage was packed to the brim with plants. I'm sure there's plenty of others out there like that but it was cool to see someone put themselves out there like that so everyone could watch them go from the illegal to the legal Market, it gives a prospective for everyday people and even politicians to what good it can do and the damage its doing having cannabis illegal.

  6. Man Berner gettin door dash, the food he was eating in NYC…. How does he think he got colon cancer to begin with? Grease, oil, sugar, meat full of antibiotics and hormones, pesticides in the vegs. Man, get an organic nutritionist.

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