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  1. You’re gonna love this, Yola. I was at school yesterday and talking to a new friend I recently made. We took part of lunch to go smoke out in his car and this dude pulled out one of your Push Trees grinders! Thomas, I lost my fuckin mind. Always wanted to find another Yola fan and I got to actually hold one of those grinders…..amazingly made btw. Love your videos man, this was lit

  2. I have about 800 dabs on mine, its the best erig ever so far. Passthrough charging, you can use it like a desktop enail. Fog machine, plows through dabs. Best erig on the market. This is the best Carta 2 review on youtube at this time.

  3. Hey man big thanks from the uk for these videos unfortunately it’s still not legal over here but I still watch your story times when I’m having a joint love your videos man 👍🏼

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