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  1. Jeff, I have a question for you please! So I’ve been using medical marijuana in the state of Pennsylvania for two years. I’ve been using daily every day to help with my anxiety. I had to stop three days ago cold turkey because in 45 days I get a drug test for a new job. I was told when I started the program, there would be no withdrawals. They were fucking wrong because I’ve been sweating and nervous and angry and irritated and I’ve been having trouble sleeping and bad dreams. Do you have any suggestions for withdrawing thank you, my friend!

  2. Hmm are you sure it isn't called bubble hash because you use a bubble bag to make it? Pretty sure that's the reason however you can mKe itby shaking frozen rocks in the bubble bag no ice and water .. freeze the flower and scrub clean some rocks and freeze them then shake it all up in the bubble bag … super easy

  3. I love when you post reviews cause I always see what you are reviewing in the dispensary but can’t pay the price on it so I’ll still get to see how stuff would hit without taking the hit in the wallet.

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