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  1. Mid 90's – Went to a frat party at UW Madison. Walked into the frat house and there was a football player ripping a 2 story bong on the entryway staircase. Biggest one I ever hit was a 6 footer. It was terrible. By the time the smoke got to my mouth it was stale as fuck.

  2. Ooo'Wee Ooo'Wee Lez go… Ahh mayne you coming at us with that Old School/Gold School with the most phunckadelic Phuncky stylez indeed Lez go…☝🏻💚🌱🌿🌳 In Hash We Trust 🪙

  3. I was at a smoke out festival in Long Beach in 1999 and he had to grab a ladder to hit that! And then they raffled the bong, the guy who won was taken out by like 50 security guards

  4. The hash becomes hard from oxygen. It has to be stored properly. The temple balls are pressed. The tricomes become one mass. That mass actually changes over time. Terps change, great stuff.

  5. We smoked a Phillie blunt made with all 5 Phillies stacked top to bottom in my suburban in the parking lot at the star plex in Dallas TX right before the start of the up in smoke tour with Cypress and outcast and George Clinton. We put an oz in that gigantic spliff. I'll never forget.
    Damn I miss the 90s

  6. 4-20-2016 San Francisco I watched B take a bong hit that seemed impossible to clear. He did that shit on stage and went straight into hits from the bong without coughing or seeming uncomfortable in anyway. Dude is for real different. If I didn’t see him do it I would doubt dudes powers but nah… I seent it. I seent it

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