Bill Collector Recap, Lakers, Gaming – The Dr. Greenthumb Show #468

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The Dr. Greenthumb Show 468 00:00 – stream starts 4:00 – podcast starts 6:00 – snacks ig and bill collector 11:00 – twitter and Elon …

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  1. It was the actual trainer came on set and caused some animosity and he will took it out on Paul Rodriguez cause the real guy he was playing in the movie was an asshole to will when he was on set of the movie

  2. Our technology is getting way better and Donald Trump said it the best soon we're going to have a space military and I see they are going to use something like this ! 🇺🇸 wow

  3. If y'all haven't already go listen to the late, great Patrice O'Neal talk to Gallagher on Opie & Anthony. Gallagher may still be here in the physical but Patrice took that man's soul a long time ago.

  4. My roommate plays paintball and that exact situation happened to his team. The refs were gonna make them play the final round minus one man (cuz another team told them to) and so his team owner said “f that” and they left the tournament.

  5. Definitely liking the part where they talking about the old skool video games. Lol. Blades Of Steel and R.B.I. Baseball were the truth. Them and Tecmo Bowl and Double Dribble raised me. We played Bkades Of Steel just too get too the fighting. And can't forget my Atari 2600 Ha Ha!!! Much respect too B Real for this one. I still got my Cypress Hill How I Could Just Kill A Man 12 inch wax record from when I was like 20 or 21. I'm 48 now classic.

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