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  1. Some gerber 😆. Rose 🌹 parade old town pasadena. New years eve. Cookies 🍪 pasadena People from all over the world come there. 2023-2024 im down. Lmk happy b day bro. 💪😎👍 and be cool. Amy….# OMAR

  2. I love how your embracing peeps doing stain projects with your seeds, seeing where it leads, good shit man. I've always loved to see other growers turn out beautiful ladies while other growers seem to want to spread misinformation and bullshit, Love And Respect from your other home state lol…. The 602!

  3. happy birthday big bern u already know rolling up an uncle bern all the way out in toronto what the fuck fam how do we get some of your packs out here that new drop sounds bomb. big up and stay healthy

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