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  1. Hello, Dr. My female dog currently have UTI. She's taking antibiotics. She's eating little by little, however, doesn't drink so much water. She hasn't pooped yet but still always peeing. What I'm concerned right now is that she looks a bit bloated and breathing a bit fast. Is that normal for a dog with UTI?

  2. I’m here for the same reasons , we took dog to the emergency vet last night for bloat. I never realized how serious it is. Does anyone know of any home remedies that can help? Thanks!

  3. I love all your videos. You may already know but I am another person who will say your videos are more than just helpful, it give such a peace and helps save our loved pet's lives.

  4. Just lost my cane corso to what I'm pretty sure was bloat. I had no idea why he got sick and died within hours. After researching why my dog suddenly died I do believe it was this.
    He had the signs but I didn't know. It was 7pm when I noticed he wasn't feeling well. I laid with him thinking I would take him to the vet in morning but when I woke up he was beside me dead 😪

  5. Just got my dog back from my kenneler and he clearly had GVD. I’m beyond pissed. Like i get it happens, but they let him play in 90 degree weather and then CHUG water. Now I’m paying 7000 to hopefully have it fixed. I know the situation isn’t as sad as others but it still just sucks so bad

  6. Please, it happened to my dachshund one , he went through surgery . 6 years later it has happened again, but just bloat, he made it through the night with various injections but I really don’t know if he is going to recover.

  7. Hey question I have a three month puppy pug that is bloated and has been drinking like a lot of water idk if he’s seriously sick or just bloated he hasn’t been whining but he’s just bloated

  8. Thankyou for your excellent video. I was wondering if it is beneficial if a dog has a slightly enlarged stomach to give them otc charcoal tablets until you can get them to the vet. Thank you.

  9. I went to the vet because my dog pooped up toilet paper towels and the lunch meat package and then after that started spewing out blood. I took her to the vet they told me they were going to do X-rays and some blood work came out with a bill of $800 I told him to go ahead. a little while later she comes out and says well the doctor says we need to keep her overnight and put her on fluids and antibiotics now the bill is going to be $1,216. I told her and she wanted 800 up front. I told her I didn't have that amount on me or with me but I would get it. she said well let me go in and speak with you with the doctor and I'll come back out. she said okay we're going to send you home with some antibiotics when she came back out and some vomit medicine if she starts puking. and your bill will be $516. she never said anything to me about the results of the x-rays or the blood work but charged me $516 and said your dog is ready to go my dog pooped more blood when she came home and I don't know what to do. she's suffering all because of greedy mother people. I don't know what to do. she's 12 years old in a lot of pain she doesn't get around much. she refuses to take walks anymore. I know her time is limited but to be treated like that and send her out the door with no observation or or recourse it just kills me how can anybody do that she's just an innocent little well big dog. I don't know what to do. I have faith in you though I watched you for a long time and used your remedy so many times. I believe in you. hence the reason I never go to the doctor myself and never really take my pets in I sucked it up this time and look what happened I'm so angry and hurt and that was every last bit of money that I had I have to pay a ticket that's what it was for now I'll probably end up going to jail because I can't pay the ticket.

  10. I had this happen to a 15 year old Golden Retriever. I had given her about one cup of dry kibble, and then I sat down to do some work. There was no bouncy exercise. A while later she started to retch, trying to vomit, but nothing came out. I started calling local "emergency" vets just to be told that no, they don't actually have a vet on staff at the moment. I eventually did get an appointment a few hours later, and my poor dog collapsed while walking in.

    Unsurprisingly it was bloat, and due to her age surgery wasn't an option, so that vet visit was a one way trip.

  11. Very helpful and easy to understand. I have a Shepard mix. Good boy @ 5.5 yrs. He has been with a gastric specialist for most of his life and on an EN Natural (wet and dry) diet. Few weeks back had been getting up @ 4 am , eat grass and dry heave (bile/mucous) then OK. Put him on Nexium 2x20mg (40mg) in the evening to help but still up every other 3rd day with the same grass eating and dry heaves. Couple times pinkish color mucous but green/white. Today however was different and caused me to find your video. He ate lots of grass, no heaving just clingy so took him for a walk which produced nothing. Then back out in back yard and started to have what looked like a continuous gag reflex (or retching) and felt that under his chin. Eventually he did heave with a good amount of white foamy mucous. Had never seen foam and this much volume. The retching was not as frequent and stopped after lying down with me (both tired.) So not sure this is onset of bloat but wondering if something related. He's scheduled for an ultrasound in couple weeks if this does not stop but looks like it will persist. Vet wants to look more at the stomach. Is this GDV ? or a hybrid ? He does get 1/2 dry EN Natural kibble with wet food. And to make it even more interesting is on immunotherapy for allergies post skin and blood test for allergen reactions. Since a couple days his mucous was a little pink wondering if there is more of a gastric issue going on with my boy. Interested to learn your opinion. What other things should I watch for ?

  12. Thank you so much for your video. We stumbled on it last night when we were trying to figure out what was wrong with our poodle mix. After watching your video and learning about bloat we took him to our local emergency vet and it turns out he had bloat and his stomach was twisted. They did emergency surgery and he's going to be OK. Thank goodness we didn't just go to bed and hope that he felt better in the morning.

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