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  1. Bros whole mood changed after that Segway BS 😂

    The whole episode was about fighting against gentrification.

    Riding that , in a city that has a skate/banger culture
    You looking like a yuppie hipster lol

  2. I’m from Arizona and I love everything Spanto stood for.. That Levi drop meant so much to me as it did to him shining light to our indigenous side. We miss you down here foolie!😭❤️🪶

  3. Wow!! I love how he says it was a shit hole and now it's not. Man I miss when we couldn't go out at night. I miss getting shot at! I miss my family and friends getting shot on there way to blockbusters.😢 stupid ass people man.. haters go to Mexico then

  4. Memories’ in the early 70’s used to walk to Venice beach’ playing football when the grass was bigger’ hanging out against the wall when it was there’ everyone from Mark Twain world meet up all summer’ 18 feet waves once or twice a year! Not the same 😢

  5. 13’s are same as the 14’s north south silly differences no doubt yet highly doubtful they don’t roll the same Holmes regardless what color they claim bro’s! 👌🏽🫡

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