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  1. Mexicans don't exist without the Natives being conquered. Unfortunate truth. You as a human wouldn't exist. You are clearly a mix of European and Native. I'd wager 70% to 80% European. No chorizo without Spain. Many other Mexican staples.

  2. i dont have enough love for others and or myself to wake up and do all this work for breakfast. yall need to worship your mother's feet if they are willing to all this for their kids in the morning

  3. Why are people triggered by his spanish pronunciation…. his NATIVE language IS spanish… go ask a frenchman to STOP saying "croissant" or "omelette" properly or an italian to also STOP accentuating his "R's" in "roma""ferrari"…..

  4. I live in Deep South Texas, literally about a mile north of the Texas Mexico border. Down here we call anything wrapped in a tortilla a taco. I think calling tacos burritos is a Cali thing. And before someone says there’s a difference because of the way the tortilla is wrapped around the filler I’m here to call BS. 🤙🏼

  5. I've watched too many hoof trimming video that when I saw the thumbnail I thought "What a horrible diseased foot that cow have? It must have been painful.."

    Edit: the burrito sounds delicious tho

  6. Nobody gonna point out how he doesn’t know how to roll a burrito?

    How you going to exaggerate your annunciations for burrito and tortilla then not even properly fold a goddam burrito?

    I cringed hard when he didn’t tuck that fold in before rolling. I know I’m not the only Mexican-American kid cringing tough rn.

  7. What’s crazy is that this is the problem with you guys. “BROOKLYN!” Had nothing near west coast breakfast burritos. The tortilla is good, but everything else cooked is silly. Promote more local spots. You have 5 boroughs besides BK and Manhattan. Best episode y’all had was the jerk chicken. Step y’all game up, I’ll cook if y’all need it, fuck!

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