Breaking Down the Illuminati Sperm Conspiracy | Alternate Reality

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Is there a conspiracy to shrink men’s penises, destroy their sperm, and feminize America’s macho dudes? Well, a range of …

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  1. i LOVE how Vice tries to isolate 50% of the viewers, even in videos where they don't mean too..
    it's like they don't want any advertisers money, or even to stay in business..
    i have a gut feeling this company is not doing to well financially (i can't tell where they make money from)

  2. Does iluminati had spyops in Sacramento trying to get me and yea they are homosexuales using v2k tecnología., mk ultra técnicas,. They are ridiculously cowards,.

  3. The video doesn't actually refute anything. It just pushes the message don't question the corporate far left media. They literally could have been talking about anything

  4. Don't know about the video but bugger off Obi, Alpine, r-night, Radicals. If you get the same stupid advert every 2 mins, you'll understand the context

  5. Yeah, I've heard that plastic water bottles leach the bad stuff into the water. Get a reusable water bottle that doesn't, plus you'll save $. I wonder if the reason hydrogen peroxide is in that particular type of brown plastic is an indicator? Anybody know more about this bad plastic/ good plastic…glass id prob the best anyway you look it in my opinion.

  6. 3:35
    "who's the most marginalized group in America?"

    Random dude: straight white male.

    Bruh, if straight white male is most marginalized, what are straight Mexican male? Animal? Don't think male within mexican, Asian(beside kpop) has been sexualised by anyone or even properly protected by US law. Lol

  7. Lol imagine trusting VICE to give you accurate information in 2023. This platform was literally bought with the sole purpose to push propaganda.

  8. I just wish the focus of this was more on the science and less on debunking the conspiracy theorists. These plastics in our environment really need addressing ASAP. Even if they stopped today it would still be decades before we reach a generation free from these toxins and their effects.

  9. "elite illuminati feminists" um….
    also love the whole "destroy testosterone" thing. women also have Testosterone levels
    and of course it's always the vaccine… when in reality long covid causes Erectile dysfunction & low sperm

  10. I personally think less humans on this earth is a good thing; if you really want to help the environment, less people = less of a carbon footprint. But also, we are guinea pigs that are being poisoned, and that needs to stop.

  11. I don't think it's a literal conspiracy. But it probably has something to do with all the plastic we interact with every day. It's in the food, it's in our bodies as micro plastics; it's all over the ocean.
    Probably at least since the 70's, plastic had been a huge part of all our lives.
    Such a widespread interaction with these unnatural chemicals for almost 100 years; probably not good for humans, or anything else.

  12. It's not a conspiracy. It's a byproduct of plastic pollutions, PFAS, and pesticides.

    Moreover, this doesn't just threaten human reproduction but those of other chordata species as well; amphibians being hit very hard. Our ability to reproduce is highly dependent on healthy hormonal and other messenger chemical systems. If humans aren't careful we could end up handing the planet to the arthropod lineages. Hard shelled invertebrates like crabs or beetles who's reproduction is much simpler and robust than chordates

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