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  1. Best weed videos period. I’m from Tacoma, Washington, but I live in LA and have seen a little bit of everything all up and down the coast from the early 90’s to now and I can watch these videos over and over while most of the popular shit on YouTube is a bunch of fucking idiots who don’t know shit. I’m like finally, something I can watch and not only relate to but also learn from.
    Fucking thank you!

  2. „Unique“ is misleading What is unique cannabis? With thousands of breeder and tenthousands of strain/cultivars/phenotipical expressions going in all directions I doubt that there is anything unique. You might find something that’s new or different to you or the mainstream but that doesn’t make it unique

  3. when you realize you have been sub to the ccc page for 10 years then take an even closer look and see these boys are the archive crew and made one the best companies in the game. cheers to you guys from a long long time viewer!!

  4. The way I see it, create what you like and what is unique to you and see if the market responds. You want to grow genetics that you enjoy on a personal level or dedicating so much of your time and energy to something that you don’t see the value in is draining and will wear you out in the long run. The genetics that have stuck around are the genetics that people loved to smoke themselves. That’s why they are a staple in many grow rooms still today.

  5. Its always about balance i do one for me and one for the baby gargoyles always works out in the end. Hey Fletch when u bringing Rudeboi Og seeds back? Are do u have a clone for sale somewhere?

  6. Hey guys, thanks for joining us!

    What role do you think personal preference should play in breeding projects? Create what you find most unique and let the market follow? Or stay chasing the current trends?

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