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  1. According to my vet my dog might have bronchitis so she’s started my dog on anabiotic‘s. My dog is cough’s up a couple droplets of blood when she coughs. Will the techniques, herbs etc. still work in my situation?

  2. The vet recommended my dog prednisone (1/2 tab once per day) for life since his bronchitis seems to come back after treatment… I’m no expert but I’m trying to find a natural remedy instead. Thoughts on prednisone veterinary secrets?

  3. Hi I need some help and Dr. Andrew Jones is there any way you can help me. I have a 10 year old golden retriever who according to the vet was diagnosed with lung cancer😪😪 I know you have a video on using dewormer and I need instructions on how to use it and if I could have a video consultation with you and if I can how much. I need help on how to help my baby boy

  4. Hi.
    I have a little Boston Terrier she has a cough
    It is getting worse she doesn’t do this until she gets up starts hacking one time she spit up what looked like lint and matted food. Dr did X-rays I ask to do her trake she did her lungs. She never told me for sure what she had said could be enlarged heart or trake gave me prescriptions that don’t seemed
    To help and Prednisone seemed to help at first now she is getting worse. She is 15 she wants to play but can’t stop coughing I ask her couldn’t it be her trake she sad maybe. Please what can I give her to stopped coughing.I feel so bad for her.
    Thank you.

  5. My best friend ever teddy is a 12 year old going on 13 years and his cough started in October and I’ve got him X-rayed and even an echocardiogram and no heart disease and they’re thinking tracheal collapse (although the X-ray in November didn’t show this. I give him an awesome honey twice a day and it’s not helping. What is going on with my boy? It’s like a cough with multiple honks ending wirb that almost wrenching sound (sometimes Saliva comes up with that last one). I have him at a holistic vet as well he’s on a regimen of awesome supplements and a cleanse but I gotta get this cough straightened out I can’t do the things we always done because of it I can barely let him do much. The vet sent me home last night after checking his heart and lungs with a stethoscope and said they were only taking emergencies

  6. Doc. I have a little jakawawa sjes everything to me. Shes very nasaly on her out breath. And swallowing way too much… how can i help her? The vets costs so much if shes not ill im jus not sure if she needs meds or not im a herbal fan…. but if she beeds meds she needs meds.. 🙁

  7. Hey there! Just found your video, my young 2.5 dog has been diagnosed with chronic bronchitis he is perfectly healthy otherwise, I have been going down the holistic route and have been using wild cherry bark syrup and have noticed a massive massive improvement , I have also purchased inula helenium to to try if needed, I was wondering if you had any input on these ? And also would you say my dog will be able to live a normal life expectancy (he’s my baby) ! Thanks so much x

  8. What i do not understand is about the eucalyptus oil. I-ve read that eucalyptus oil is bad for dogs. My dog has a cough, and i am removing all the possible allergens from the house. I just threw away a few branches of eucalyptus. Now I am puzzled about this eucalyptus thing….

  9. Hello, how long can my dog take N-Acetyol cysteine supplement? It has Greatly improved his Allergic Bronchitis immensely. I"ve been giving it to him every other day now since July along with Liquid Glucosamine MSM Chondroitin to strengthen his throat cartridges. Both are working, but I just want to know is it safe to keep giving it to him. Thank you ahead of time for All of the videos you do.

  10. My friend's dog is struggling to breath, intermittently. ( miniture pincher or manchester terrier mixed, around 10-13 years ) He gasps for air, straining his rib cage, won't breath through his mouth, sensitive nose, and falling asleep standing up because laying makes breathing harder. Walking actually helps. Last 2 X-rays show nothing significant. Trachea looks straight enough, not collapsed. Heart might be slightly enlarged. Lots of air or gas pockets in his bowels. His vets are stumped and recommend a cardiologist. Maybe Pulmonary Hypertension ? All the local Internists and Cardiologists are booked up for weeks. We are so worried he won't make it.

  11. Hello my five pound chi has been sounding like she has fluid when she’s breathing. I have always thought it was her snoring but it happens even when she’s awake. She was coughing for a day or two but now its gone. I need helpppp

  12. I have had to let my sweet girl Hope to rest. Now I am looking for a new Furever friend, at our local rescue they have a lab that has mild bronchitis (sounds like a “honk” when he breathes)and is on medication should this be any cause of not considering rescuing him?

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