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  1. Hey NUGSMAHSHER or anyone who knows…. Question, What is the scientific name or reason why when I press and remove it its like taffy and i can work with it…. like example seperate the rosin in 1 gram measurements in individual jars for accurate daily dosage.. I can get a gram last me 3 days. Why after maybe 30 minutes it turns from light tan taffy to cheese cake butter that gets very light color? Its a pain if i dont seperate it quick it turns to cream cheese and becomes difficult to measure and just looks messy in a jar. Done right you get a smooth blob of light tan cheese cake consistency with awesome smelling terps.. i was pulling a more raspberry flavor this year but like a movie theater candy i cant put the name on.. my strain has raspberry kush in it and that was crossed with pink starburst then bread with a pineapple express.. lots of phenos taste and smell like bazooka joe bubble gum but the one i like has its own scent and potency with hard nugs.

  2. I wish you guys would do something different than just bubble lately…. Do some sift or even kief. Keep it average. You've been using the same bubble from your homie for a while now and you know the results. They're always over 70% and we know it by now. Do something random. No hate just a perspective

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