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  1. Daaam. I was kinda holding well but when I heard "it's been blessed by a Rabi?" I just started rolling on the floor ;p

  2. why is that girls name Calvin and why did she call her he when she's clearly a girl p.s she looks like a stuck up ass female rude af can't stand bitches like that maybe she is just on her period since she gets them every month because she's a girl 😂 lol 😆

  3. Your wrong lady every strain of weed out today is a gmo. A g.m.o is a genetically modified organism which means if you cross it or mess with its dna in any way is a gmo. Stop spreading lies and misinformation. Your what’s wrong with the world today you don’t even know what your talking about but your ready to jump on the internet and spread your lies. You need to do some research before you open your mouth anymore.

  4. I really hate this new generation of weed, i hate this new population of people doing weed, it isnt meant to be boujee and fancy i dont know why tho i just hate it so much, i had to hide my weed for so many years and still do, what right do you habe to enjoy iy so easily

  5. I got out of the food industry to be a bud tender, but if I can learn to cook like this, I’ll definitely take the job! I’m in the cannabis industry to stay, no matter what part of the industry, I wanna learn as much as I can!

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