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  1. Hey, first let me say I enjoy watching you two have fun! My trade is HVAC and I'm a Facilities Engineer, before you put the ceiling up you should rethink your venting. Venting multiple tents to one output will not work. Depending on fan sizes, speed at current time, one tent can push air into another and so on… Installing one way dampers would not work well either since it would create pressure for a fan on a lower setting to push against. I would suggest individual exhaust venting to save yourselves headaches. ✌️

  2. I’ve been following your channel for a while now. I read through the comments and see what ppl have to say. It’s pretty awesome to read through and not see a bunch of disrespectful messages about your growing style and knowledge. Also I havnt read any gross or negative comments about your ol lady or yourself. There are millions of keyboard warriors out there that talk trash and make stupid comments. Our community growers are pretty dam respectful.

  3. That shiplap is really going to pop when y’all install the galvanized roofing material. Love the color y’all chose for the walls too and leaving the stained wood trim was a great idea. It looks waaaay to nice for a grow room. That would have to be the man cave.

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