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  1. Living in a small town in a prohibition state I'll randomly see people flexing pre rolls on vacation & I just kind of giggle. I suppose if your usual routine is mids & swishers the shake rolls must taste pretty good 🤦🏽‍♂️

  2. The only pre rolled joints I smoke is CBD joints , 150mg . I smoke to help my anxiety. It's 25 a joint ! I always break it up & smoke out of my Pickle Rick bong . Tastes amazing& is always high quality. Turp Nation makes them ! I purchase them from asylum, it's a smoke shop near my house!! Highly recommend it .

  3. TBH people are gonna do what they want with their bodies, and if they don't want to roll their own joints, this is a viable option for them, so yeah just my thoughts there.

  4. Ur 100% correct. I was given a few prerolls from dispensarys and even though they were labled as "top shelf" i didnt feel shit and i smoked all 3 of those pre rolls. I dont recommend prerolls at all.

  5. You should really find a better dispensary homie prerolls here are never shake and they always are fire wherever you live that shit looks terrible , rename your video prerolls in my state lol

  6. Buying weed and smoking for the first time in 2 days on thrusday, grandaddy purp pre rolls 2 joints ten dollar each with my buddy hopefully we dont get schwag im bringing an apple on me just in case our dealer rolls like shit and i can cut open the joint and smoke it out the apple. I hope everything goes good 👌

  7. Man I am so glad I watched this. Im visiting Seattle this year and was going to buy prerolled because I cant carry my tools with me on a plane. Guess Ill just buy grinders, etc there. Thanks again for this info.

  8. it is my first time soon with a couple a friends joining me and our other friend has a "weed guy" and we were gonna buy a few grams through her but pre rolled joints are sooo much cheaper. Should we still stick with her reliable dealer or go for the convenient pre rolled joints?

  9. In England more often than not, you learn to roll as you start smoking, we dont use bongs very often and its almost impossible to get dabs here, i still havent tried them haha. I somehow prefer joints to bongs, its nice to share one with a friend and listen to music

  10. Hey I live in a state (MS) where cannabis is still very much illegal. Recently I've been getting into cbd oils and I've tried the Miracle Smoke vape oil. I've been pretty impressed with it so far, but I just wanted to know what was your take on cbd oils and if you've ever heard of the Miracle Smoke brand? If anything bad, let me know

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