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  1. I rescue dogs that no one wants because of abuse etc. I have 2 right now that need their nails cut. I need a way to make them sleep so I can work on their nails. I tried melatonin but they woke up as soon as I touched their feet. Sometimes, I may have more than 3 new rescues in a week and Not everyone can go to a vet right away. I need to be able to at least start on nails. Any suggestions?

  2. We just spent 1000 dollars for our cat. She kept throwing up her food. Sounds like rattle in chest. Doctor couldn't find out what is wrong with her. Gave her antibiotics and steroid for asthma she was good for about a week. Than bad again. I have now been spraying colloidal silver on her food. Just waiting to see if it helps. Changed her food to hillscience 60 dollars a bag. Ugh She is one of our babies. 😊

  3. I worked as a vet tech part-time for 20 years and it's surprising how many people have no common sense when it comes to their pets, as well as how expensive medications, tests, and treatments are. Remember – that office has to pay rent, insurance, utilities, their employees,the cost of that fancy equipment, and still make a profit – so while the health of your animal is important, so is making money. That said, of course if your animal is in distress or seriously injured, see your vet or head to an emergency clinic right away, but minor illnesses and injuries can easily be treated at home. Just make sure you don't give your pet any human medications, even over-the-counter ones, unless you confirm that they're safe (i.e., NEVER give Tylenol, Advil, Motrin, etc.). And don't be afraid to call your vet and simply ask what you can do at home for a pet that isn't sick enough to take in, but still not feeling their best. Most techs and receptionists will be happy to make some safe suggestions of what you can try first before making an appointment. (I currently have 2 dogs (8 and 14-1/2 years old), 8 horses, a donkey, a bird, and multiple barn cats.)

  4. Like doctors you need them when things break. All else is mostly preventable by yourself and you should mostly not need them. vaccination of Pets maybe a good thing at some time.

  5. They play on our love for our pets,8 yes ago I was concerned my cat was underweight £240 later, without any diagnosis another vet weighed her n said she'd put weight on (in 5days)! And asked why had I been concerned as some cats are smaller built than others and my cat was slender just like hers,I think the 1st vet she saw weighed her wrong 🤬she's still with us ,still slender, and fit as a fiddle

  6. I've owned animals all my life. Both of my parents grew up on farms, so they had experience tending to animals when they got sick and injured during a time when calling the vet wasn't a typical thing. Animal husbandry. Most of what I know I do from them, so when something minor happens to my animals I don't go running off to the vet. What I can treat at home, I do. Only when something is beyond my knowledge or abilities do I make sure my furbabies get into the professionals. I stay alert and ask a lot of questions when I do, however. I know they like to overcharge. If I don't feel my animal needs a certain treatment, I don't do it. This has miffed some vets in the past, but I've never come to regret such decisions either, so I know I can rely on my gut in these situations. I don't have anything against vets, per say, but I am wary of them pushing unnecessary things to hike up the bill.

  7. I wouldn't be able to diagnose something serious with myself let alone an animal without seeing my GP. That is why there are special people like yourself and GP's to make a diagnoses 😊😉💐🙏

  8. This exact topic is why I became a certified Emotion and Body Code practitioner. The vets I went to back in the day were great and great for surgeries, but in the past 10-15 years, for all other things they have failed pretty miserably and only want to run expensive tests that produce no results or push medications. I had to take matters into my own hands and have had nothing but successes since. Animals respond so well to energy medicine!

  9. you make valid points doctor, the veterinary medicine has gone the way of human western medicine, though they have training it is really only a value in emergency situations. When it comes to taking the time to assess a patient and hit on a likely cause and treatment that makes sense they resort to the approach of hit it with myriad tests, run up the bill and if the problem is solved that is ok but it is not their real motivation. I am 75 and I remember the old timer vets back in the 70's, 80's, they often just listened carefully to the owner describe symptoms, they asked questions and took a close look at the animal. Most often they gave a shot or came up with treatment that was affordable and worked!! I remember a lot of times with our dogs over those years and the old vet seemed to have an answer to the problems and had attitude that demonstrated they really wanted to help the dog. I still have dogs and I just do not see that today, they have to have loads of tests, many that are not necessary and miss the problem altogether, but the bill runs up mighty high.

  10. I don't trust doctors nor do I trust a veterinarians. But I know when it's something like cancer or something serious I have no choice but to rely on one. While at the same time they have many, too many times tried to prescribe a ton of meds that I passed on because I felt I could do my dogs better and thankfully I was right. My dog has cushings four years now. I passed on the usual drugs and did my own research and came up with my own treatment and my boy, in his recent blood work showed his cushings is very low level. We love our pets and do what's best for them , a vet does not love them. It's ridiculous to think they do. Just like our doctors don't "love" us and I bet to say most really only see us as a payday no matter how long we've been loyal to them. We have, must be our own advocate and for our pets too if you love them like family.

  11. I believe I’ll have to take her in to the vet because I saw a blood spot on her bed and she’s already spayed for almost a year now and she’s also showing symptoms of an ear infection. I gave her two Zyrtec and put hydrocortisone 1% in her ears. She does seem to be a bit more sluggish or tired today

  12. If training is wrong like the theory on evolution then yes, a person could treat many things better at home especially when all the vets around you are corrupted and run with the mafia. Against my better judgement and because it's law, my dog under 2 now has autoimmune dry eye from a vaccine injury I believe. 😔 Oh, and I took him to a vet who said he did NOT have any infection and proceeded to prescribe antibiotics internal and external anyway. Then it came into my mind that it was dry eye. Sure enough I looked it up and it's exactly what he has in both eyes. Now I'm treating him with regular eye wash, lubricating drops, and antibiotic ointment externally where he rubbed his hair off. I'm afraid to go back to any vet now as I don't trust anything they say.

  13. Yes at times we can. I found out my new puppy's jaw was locked. I used herbs, infered heating pad, dental syringe for cleaning her teeth inside and using a scope to monitor her inside of her mouth. The Veterinarian wanted to put her down or load her up on western medicine and insert a feeding tube. 5 years later she is doing well and her weight is good..plus her sisters can't even keep up with her. I use boiling water to break down herbs and pills and suck them up in a dental syringe thats been cut slightly. I give them every day and have never missed a dag in over 5 days. Not every Veterinarian is as experienced as you in natural remedies..my Veterinarian is now a believe

  14. My dad was a veterinarian. I teched for him; he required me to read his text books first and taught me to read acetate radiology.

    I took my dog for emergency evaluation/dx. I was told by emergency DVM my dog would die in 2 months and it would be a horrible death. That was 9 months ago and he’s doing quite well. He is now consider chronic instead of terminal.

    My dog’s DVM trusts me to provide excellent care for my dog. I send regular clinical notes and the DVM prescribes appropriately.

  15. I have 2 senior dogs and 2 youngish cats. I was going to a vet who did the whole litany of things you mentioned when my oldest dog jumped off the sofa getting her leg caught on the coffee table. She cried and limped and has problems with arthritis. But, what if it was broken? Going to an emergency visit to my THEN vet, he led her out of the room to ‘take X-rays’ mumbling it could be Lyme. When he brought her back, he said it wasn’t broken, just sprained. He gave her a shot for pain. I never saw what he did as he took her away. When I got the bill, it was close to $300! I was so shocked, I paid it. When we got home there was a charge for Lyme prevention ($75) flea and tick treatment ($65) and emergency visit ($115) plus X-rays and the pain meds making up the difference. I have never been back.
    The office manager called to see why I had all my paperwork sent to a different vet. I told her I had a suspicion he was padding my bill, but finally caught him. I also told her except for X-rays, he had no right not to allow me to see what he was doing and really giving her. I’d been new to the area when I started there. I warn anyone with animals to go somewhere else and provide vets and phone numbers.

  16. Gut health, probiotics, fiber, enzymes from fresh veg, have all kept my dogs from getting sick. Imagine if you lived on crap fast food…it makes humans sick. Feeding ONLY processed dog food makes dogs sick, if not sooner than in their later years.

  17. Is there a over the counter steroid available? My little girl has HORRIBLE seasonal allergies. We do coconut oil daily but it only help soften her dry itchy skin. Not at a place right now to get a battery of tests. Thank you for another great video!

  18. It would be super to go to a veterinarian in an emergency, but you all are overpriced and cash up front is not feasible to me. I am 69, on a very restricted budget and am disabled. Please give me a vet that will work with me.

  19. Dr: Time for mine to get my dog her regular vaccines again. 5 in 1, etc… Last time she didn't do well with them. She was "walk" oddly, looking like she had the worst cramp/charlie horse ever. It was soo scary. What should I do this time? She has to get vaccines to keep going to her groomer.(not able to really get her clean myself) As of now thinking to spread them out. Thanks for any suggestions you may offer.😊

  20. We are better than you Vet. but, feel, when it comes to how are pet feeling we know it because , e eryday of their life as well as ours we live together , so we know our pet like our childred very well.

  21. I feed species appropriate diets to my 3 dogs and 17 year old cat, been doing this for 16 years. I only need to see the "vet" if we have an emergent need (rarely). I don't Vax or big pharmacy "medicate" my animal friends and they live long healthy lives on a small farm. I follow species appropriate diet for humans with no processed, garbage foods – all meals made from scratch. I believe in a holistic approach to life, you heal from the inside out and you can't cure the ill with a pill.

  22. I’m attempting that right now as we speak.
    My 5 yr old dog had two aggressive tumours removed from her mammary. Instead of agreeing to recommend chemotherapy that doesn’t work, I’m trying alternatives.
    Turkey Tail
    Dandelion root extract
    CBD oil
    The Vet Surgeon was instructed to leave the Lymph Nodes also.
    After one month of this treatment, the dog has healed well, is very active and fit, and there are no signs of the tumours returning, or new ones growing elsewhere.
    So grateful we found Dr Andrew Jones, we are using his recommended does rates and all seams positive.
    The Vet surgeon can’t believe the result, and said it she is like this after three months, she will be in the clear.
    Considering they recommended euthanasia instead of surgery, it’s a great result so far.

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