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  1. MUNCHIES traveled to Atlantic Canada with some of the country's top chefs who believe seal meat is a crucial part of Canada’s culinary identity.

  2. Have you ever eaten a chicken? Lamb? Beef? They have to be killed in order for you to eat them. Stop being such a pussy! Watching this footage I want a seal fur coat!! Just think how warm it would be to wear during winter!! Where can I find one?? I wonder if female seal hunting protesters are also anti abortion when it comes to HUMAN BABIES??

  3. I'm a vegetarian, but I'm fine with locals and inuits eating the seals because that's their culture, but it definitely should not be commercialized. Or as luxury goods. Or in fancy restaurants on the main land run by Europeans.

  4. I think the private killing of seals for individual and community use is fine and should be allowed, but I don't see how one can defend groups of men running out onto the ice and clubbing every baby seal they see for its fur.

  5. People who are anti seal should spend all their money to provide all the inuit people with food for their entire life and the life of every generation afterwards.

  6. Seals are a part of many Beringian native lives. They deserve to live as they please and we need to protect the environment for them.

  7. If you eat meat in general and have something to say, stfu hypocrite, anything to do with meat is cruel and bloody, but people need to survive in these cold climates and it's still less cruel than being crammed in a cage with animals stepping over each other for their whole life and then see others get slaughtered in front of them.

  8. "The hunters don't make a lot of money for a lot of work" but the person selling a coat for 50 grand IS making a lot of money and that is what people take issue with, plus the waste and that is why people are afraid of fur markets, because ultimately fur is about status to most people. I think the Inuit should be able to hunt, all the meat that would otherwise be wasted should go to community kitchens.

  9. I see how ppl in the comment section defending that it's ok to kill seals but if u r killing them as yourrans for survival or livelhood kill them without any pain and I just don't get why ppl need animal skins on their bodies

  10. What?! I'm surprised this only has 200k views. This is such a great documentary! Very informative + a non biased view on the topic. Very good for a free documentary

  11. What dose it take to change the essence of a man? Tiger killing lion killing bear killing polar bears killing and I can go on and on! Fucking stop this shit!
    I'm a hunter, I kill what I eat! If its too young too old pregnant I'll leave it be, fishing too small too much eggs I'll leave it! I will not leave my rubbish in the woods, I will clean after I'm finished. Learn to live with Nature! We pollution the land water and air! Killing animals too extinction!

  12. I do support banning commercial seal hunt but also Inuit's economy which is already collapsed and disenfranchised far before must be supported. I think what affects the Inuit is due to two reasons: racism and lack of branding. First Nations people probably lies on the very bottom of racism level, the most severe one in Canada. But it's a different kind of racism like one in the US. But instead, the racism takes form in deliberate negligence. Their voices aren't being heard at all which later affect the second problem, lack of branding. Actually, FN people can benefit today's era of wokeness and political correctness which supports local businesses, especially those of minority groups.

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