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  1. He’s wrong about the end of the joint, it isn’t harsh, it actually tasted better in the end, bc I’ve smoked it all to the last drop. A 0.9gram joint, rawr paper, so tasty, and buzzed last like 3 hr

  2. Man . Today was my first day of Work ! After over a year of slacking …. With No cash . just weed debts and an empty stomache ….
    But ended up re-roofing a house for " another tommy chong" …
    Was an AWESOME first work day ;). !! Hahaha
    Gave us a bunch of free weed " sour bubba" ! , and smoked us up with assuming a dozen shatter joints ..
    Baked us some homemade bread !

    Progress was slow towards the end of the day …but good times ! LOL
    Anyways great video . hope too try that strain someday.

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