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  1. All the strains he reviews ive never even heard of before. Like he just grabs weed gives it a name and reviews it. Not disrespecting the channel he is a great guy and all but all the reviews seem the same. Like review glass and other produces instead of just weed. Review those monthly weed packages. Open up your window and allow some sunlight to come in. Its so dark in there you have to have your flashlight on and it makes the video look low quality. Don't spend half the video saying how good the little nug is and how it has nice orange hairs. If the nug is so good show us!! Have some different camera angles and hold the camera or something. It seems like you have the camera on the same spot for every video. Editing your videos is not that hard once you get the hang of it. Have some pizazz brotha make a different intro add music, anything to amp up your video its so bland. Make it more professional, you are reviewing weed strains from companies and growers.

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