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  1. Ya plusieurs types de plante cannabis au Congo je suis agronome spécialiste en cannabis paddybaluti@gmail.com j'habite Congo j'ai plusieurs seed graine femelle et une grande plantation de cannabis écrivez je vais vous envoyer de photos

  2. Awesome review. Do you normally talk like that? I felt like I wanted to speed your voice up another 1/2 a turn because it makes you sound like a real stoner and not too switched on which is probably not right 😏

  3. The fact that you reviewed it twice makes me feel good about growing it. Man does it take a long time to flower though. Started it in March and should be ready in mid October.

  4. Still going strong with the reviews are ya? I got a place I git a half lb from, go checkout my channel for the link. They have some 🔥🔥at a great orice. Also a ton of mix and match options😁😁
    Keep up the giid work👍🏻ppl need to be informed.

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