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  1. this is more of an police issue and not cancards issue.. although i see how cancard is a scam, but if it works for some people then it works. im sure there is cases of people with cancard that have been treated the same as the person you mentioned with the prescription. regardless of all this we all just trying to smoke and get away with it lets not start dragging fellow stoners down.

  2. I live is the netherlands , i want to smoke a joint with u before u hot a million and u have special people watching over u and u are out of reach that time in rotterdam u were so close i watched the rotterdam shop in 1 day woth so much pain holsing back tears sucks that i didnt see u im always out there and i DIDNT SEE U u have no clue how i feel anyways love u drew love your videos u make me happy when u upload because your content is in my likings your style is so amazing raw pure YOU and you make me roll up everytime u upload and smoke throughout the video its amazing hahaha

  3. Whilst we're gaining some traction, it's still pretty messy out there for the most part! I don't understand how someone can be put through 2 forms of medication's before resorting to this!? And how it is the same case across a wide variety of problems. Does that not alone signify how backwards it all is?? If a medicine is good enough for problems completely un-related as a fail safe essentially; do you not think it's probably a good idea to look at having it available as a primary choice??
    Another example, is for people like myself, who are not signed up to their local GP or visit doctors. If we use it to self-medicate and it helps us not visit the doctor; how are we liable for getting into trouble, when there are others walking around with free passes just because they went through the process of taking the red and blue pill first, all to be then given the fail-safe.. it's completely un-fair and a complete mess! I could go on about the in-justice and give many examples, but at least there are more now out there starting to get what they should.
    Is the system just buying it's time to get it's affairs in order!? It will always remain a controlled substance imo, just what form of control do we move to next with it??

  4. ever heard of ghost factory vapes in the UK? loads of mad flavours and the packaging looks like drizzle factory us? any help would be appreciated thanks not sure wether to purchase

  5. So what's the scam? Am I missing something? Looks like it works and it's cheap. My cancard say "registered medical cannabis user" not "eligible for medical cannabis prescription " met Carly and the team at product earth very kind people. We raised £5 million to build a cannabis farm I also invested..

  6. Save this video, come back in 5 years when the GOVERMENT are selling their own weed and putting TAX on it %% all the people in jail suffering over a plant which is illegal because the government aren’t making money from the flower

  7. If the police need educating about prescriptions, that's fair enough but why slate Cancard. Nobody is forced to have a Cancard, it's a choice. I'll be keeping mine for sure. As a community we are stronger together and need to avoid the divide and conquer trap.

  8. So are you blaming Cancard for this? They provide a service about which there are hundreds of very positive reports. It's a fantastic idea and seems to work very well.

    How is it Cancard's fault that the police have not been trained? Why on earth would you withdraw your support from Cancard over this? It makes no sense at all.

    The bigger isue is the disgraceful failure of the Home Office, PCCs and Chief Constables to train officers properly. This is where energy need to go, not in attacking a service which is very much on our side and doing great work!

  9. Imagine trying to explain to a bunch of jumped up mid raid police that they have no reason to be there and they're information is wrong, no chance in hell they so much as listen. That must be so frustrating wtf

  10. It would cost me £400 to get to the point of seeing the DR then pay for the prescription an X amount to actually buy the medical cannabis
    £450 is my rent how hell do people afford to do this 😢

  11. I've been on prescription for 2 years, last year I went to the UK largest airshow with my medical cannabis Riat, they were amazing bout it. I am however still hiding to have my meds when Walking round my local village, I'm trying to educate folks about it and carry a the downloaded script on me 24/7 but I am extremely worried as to how I'll be treated by police as being a disabled person would struggle enormously to be able to educate the police if that happens.

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