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  1. Dr Jones what's your opinion on royal canin hydrolyzed protein dry food. It has a soy protein in it as my cats have food sensitivity and cannot eat raw food due to immune disorders. So they get a high protein wet food with the rc Rx dry food. Is that okay?

  2. I'm like 90% sure the reason my dog has tumors all over his body is bc growing up my mom started giving him a bunch of flea and tick medication as well as ear infection medication

  3. I’m pretty sure that a flea and tick shampoo killed my dog. By poisoning him I didn’t put a big amount of it on him. He was gone a day or 2 after his bath. I rinsed him off really good as well. Just research what products you’re going to use.

  4. I just had my fm puppy spayed, A month later she got a big mushy lump on her chest bone. I can move it around. But what cause this after spaying you pup. she's only about7-8 months old

  5. Why aren't more veterinarians trained to do procedures that sterilize the pet, but not remove the organs for hormones that they need?? They need to be doing vasectomies and tubal ligations like what is done for humans!

  6. Is seresto safe? I have 15 yo girl who got cancer for the second time now. I'm devastated from it. I love her more than life. I will buy full spectrum CBD oil and other indregens like penecur.

  7. Before I comment, I will apologized for its lengthiness. Let me begin by saying, I do not feed commercial pet foods as in my opinion that stuff is garbage and poison.
    My cats, and dogs eat the same exact fare.They are all very healthy. They are fed, cooked oily fish with the bones, raw 80% ground beef, ground poultry such as turkey. Cooked beef, and pork offal (organ meats) such as chicken/beef/pork livers. Raw chicken hearts and gizzards. Uncooked pork and beef blood. Steamed leafy veggies, cooked natural pumpkin. Cooked brown rice, freshly laid whole eggs including the shells, pumpkin and raw blueberries. Every 2-1/2 to 3 months I treat them for one week with diatamacious earth for internal parasites. Plus my 5 dogs live indoors.
    I do not buy commercial flea and tick meds. My dogsand cat do not have fleas or other external parasites, despite the fact that I live in Hawaii on the big island in Fern Forest. Also, they do not have internal parasites. The vet tests are always clean. I treat all of them for internal parasites every 2-12 to 3 months for a full 7 days with Diatemacious Earth. I also use it forl polishing the dogs teeth after I performed dental cleaning, as in tarter removal etc.Doc says that even my 8-year old has beautiful teeth and unusually healthy gums.
    Regarding desexing. I resisted the pressure for early desexing of my dogs and cats. My 5 dogs were desexed between the ages of 18-months and 2-years old, depending on their breeds. I wanted to be sure that they were completely matured adults. As it turns out I was right to delay the surgeries.
    My furry kids do not suffer any of the common sensitivities, allergies, conditions, or illnesses, vets typically see. They are also calm, respnsive, mentally alert and relaxed without any craziness,. but then I am also a dog trainer.
    When we do visit the doc, all 5 of my dogs accompany me on the visit. They are tyipically friendly with the staff, and the staff is always impressed regarding how calm my dogs are when being examined and worked on. Even when they are in severe pain as when Daisy was partially disemboweld by a wild pig. Because I have with me in the exam room, they have learned that the clinic isn't someplace to fear.
    As for exposure to the nasty chemicals in commercial household cleaners. I make my own soaps for bathing, facial soap, medicated soaps, shampoo, dog soap, dish soaps/degeasers, laundry soap and general household cleaning soaps. The antimicrobial and antiviral agaent that I use are pine oil, chlorine bleach, 99.9% alcohal and white vinegar.
    Dr. Jones, I would be honored if you would allow me to send Sweet Tula a gift, from my family pack and myself of some of my homemade dog soap. I will also list all of the ingredients used to make the soap. It is a personal and heartfelt thank you for everything that you do for all of us human parents, and our furred family members. If you are interested please contact me on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/Peachesthepup/

  8. Omg I had no idea , is pet food not regulated, my cat died of mouth cancer it was a horrible disease I felt helpless now my cat after vaccinated has developed a mass I'm devastated

  9. I put that topical flea and tick med on my cocker spaniel and later saw her contort to scratch with her mouth in the areas on her back where the topical stuff was applied. A few months later she developed a very aggressive form of cancer in her mouth and passed 2 mos later. I immediately thought of that topical crap, and will never again put it on any animal of mine.

  10. Thanks for the info and great video, I watch all of them 😊 Can you tell me what shampoo to buy and how often o should be using it to prevent fleas etc. My dog is 6 and only ever had fleas once. My vet has just swapped his monthly flea and tick treatment from the drops you put on them to a mouth chew instead. Now I'm having doubts after watching this video. Would you say these mouth chews are safe? I'm assuming not after what you've said here. I'm from the UK so it would be great to know what shampoo you recommend that I can get here and how often ti use it. Thanks again for all your videos..I have been sharing with friends and family ❤😊

  11. I LOVE your video's Doc! If I may boldly suggest…the great Otto Warburg, cancer genius, stated "there are hundreds of secondary causes of cancer but its primary cause is the fermentation of sugars". That fermentation occurs via fungal metabolism and what you will find…long story short, there is a clear reason they use fungal mycotoxins/metabolites to induce cancer in lab animals. There is also a clear reason why they are and have been for years, using and repurposing antifungals to kill cancer. Its also clear that the "dewormers" are clearly anti-fugal/anti-parasitic in nature. So, yes, cancer loves oxidized cells and can live in both oxygen rich or depleted environments, but take away what feeds the fungus/cancer which is that sugar> fermenting sugar Warburg spoke of some 90 years ago as well as stopping intakes of glutamine rich foods and the two…cancer and fungus, which eat, live, breath and tumor the same, is likely to go away. Also, please remember that nearly every good supplement out there is anti-fungal/cancer in nature, thus when depleted via lifestyle, environment…pre-conception forward, cancer often strikes. Three mega amazing scientifically referenced and packed volumes are on fungus and disease like cancer are PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICES OF CLINICAL MYCOLOGY, FUNGALBIONICS by AV Costantini (W.H.O. late-lead mycologist) and FUNGUS LINK book series by Doug Kaufmann with "The Germ That Causes Cancer" leading the way. He hypothisized 50 years ago cancer was a fungus/human cell mutant and it seems to have been proven over and over again since. Where do we get these fungal mycotoxins clearly shown and known to cause cancers for many decades? Our grain supply, antibiotics, alcohol, sugar, rice, etc. all laden with pathogenic mycotoxins with very few tested governmentally. Blessings and Thank You!

  12. Detox them ones a year. Add it to the list he said. If you get rabies shots to keep apartment, then detox them with Lyssin 30c one pill a week before a vet appointment, day of, then three days after. Just for getting yearly rabies shots. If you can , get tilter test one a year. If you can get your vet to agree.

  13. I don't know if it's more common than it was years ago but I am aware of far more than O can ever remember. We lost our AMAZING GSD Miesha to hip cancer. The vet said that she thought in her case that she had a bone chip that her immune system then surrounded and that became a very large and fast growing cancer in her hip. She eas diagnosed in March and by May she was gone. We have a friend that has a pitbull rescue and he has lost several to cancer in the last couple years. We of course don't know what their life and treatment was before they were with him. They very well could have been abused and had injuries that the immune system sent clusters of cells to like the theory was about Mis Miesha. We know she was beaten before we got her a t 13mo. My daughter's dog Abbi (35lb lab mix we call she and her sister "labbies") We adopted Abbi and Daisy at 6 mo from a rescue that told us they had cone from a puppy mill and then were rescued from a high kill place (I don't call them shelters. I know they have no choice because of being over full but a litter of healthy "lab" puppies is very adoptable unlike senior dogs or unfortunitly breeds like Pitbulls (I currently have 3 VERY sweet girls 2 are GSD/pit and the other is a Boxer/pit). Abbi earlier this week had to have her toe amputated. She had a nail that looked dead so my daughter took her to the vet. They said it was an infection and treated with a bunch of meds that did nothing. They then dug out the nail and put antibiotics right in the nail bed. That didn't help either. They then biopsied it… So the next step was amputation of the toe (rhe middle front right one) and the. sent it off for a pathology review. YUP cancer but thankfully they got it all. Abbi is doing well now but it was quite the process. She will need to be watched closely from here on out to make sure it doesn't pop up elsewhere. Both Miesha (who was sadly also my daughter's dog) and Abbi were 7 when they were diagnosed. Not super old but not young either. They are good examples of when you adopt a cat, dog, hamster, etc it should be the same mindset when we adopt a child. NOT saying it's the same thing but it SHOULD be a life long commitment. If our child has behavioral or health issues we would never think of getting rid of then. Why are our animals any different? ( I saw something on my local FB community page where a woman was looking to remove her 9mo mastive because ut got too big. UMMMM DUH! The name even implies the dog will be MASSIVE! Dogs give 100% of their hearts to us they deserve the same from us!

  14. I have an 8 you mix female that was spade when she was about 2 you. She has a knot that came up under the right side of her throat. Local vet said fore to watch it to see if it changes. He further stated he thinks it's a blocked saliva gland. What's your opinion and is there anything I can do for her. Thanks

  15. My baby boy had blood cancer that metastasized to his heart. If I could go back in time I would change so much. He was such a blessing to my life. Grateful for our time together.

  16. Hello, thank u for this information! The link to your book isn’t working. It says “Attention site owner: ERROR invalid captcha” or something like that. Can u please fix it when u get a chance? I would love to get your book! Thank you!

  17. I had a Fox Terrier die unexpectedly. I don't know what from. But the Jack Russell that we had at the same time developed leg cancer. We had it amputated, then he passed a short time later. Too many recalls on pet food. Toxins in the wheat that we imported from China. I tried making my dogs' food, but they got bored with it. The plain and simple truth is that our entire environment is poisoned and we are blessed beyond all measure if we don't succumb to cancer (simplified definition…a malformation of a cell/cells triggered by any number of things), because the odds are WAY too stacked against both us and our pets.

    Funny thing…our Chihwhat male is kind of frail. We postponed for years getting him neutered because we were afraid of him dying under anesthesia. He had frequent grand mal seizures. They stopped when we had him neutered. Hormonally related?

    I use a few drops of Thieves' oil in their homemade shampoo (Dawn dishsoap, vinegar, water, sometimes glycerin). No problems with ticks or fleas, but we don't seem to be in a heavily infested area, either. A couple of ticks over the years, that's it. The last time I tried the topical flea deterrent on one of my cats, it actually burned her skin. Homeopathic stuff from then on.

    I thank you, sincerely, for all of your information. Blessings.

  18. How about cooked chicken?? I know this lady who shreds half a cooked chicken and feeds her dog just chicken strip's EVERYDAY. She says my baby loves chicken he only likes chicken so he gets it. Sad. And it looks like he has cancer growth at 5years old

  19. spring water only, use nothing but dawn dish soap and water for cleaning
    no yearly shots! and only flea preventative 1 to 2 months a year to get knock down
    hmm spayed my pup at 6 months,
    she's 14 now and diagnosed with MCT 10 days after the October treatment, nexguard, for fleas !
    using high quality CBD now to get rid of MCT

  20. I have a theory: as Dogs age their Vitamin-CD develops drop which probably increases cancer risks as the immune system is less responsive to cancer. This is probably also true to in Humans & any mammals. I suspect if older pets are provided foods rich in vitamin CD3, that it will help reduce cancer risks.

    I am sure the issues you discuss are a likely cause, but I suspect maintaining normal levels of Vitamin D3C would help reduce risks.

  21. Be careful with tap water and RO water as it can dehydrate from a lack of minerals. Best thing is to get a Berkey filter w the arsenic/fluoride addition. YT has diy vids to make your own w stainless steel pots and save a lot of $ while getting the best filtration that maintains essential minerals. If this isn’t an option use VERY low amounts of electrolytes – pink salt, potassium citrate, food grade Epsom salt and sodium bicarbonate (red mill).

    Mercola carries an all natural flea and tick perfection that I can verify works very well. I use the monthly drops and add spray during adventures outside the city. Highly recommend this product!

  22. My dog 13 years old died of brain cancer on December1 th 2021 , I started confused about why he had cancer and I watch this video and food I was feeding him human food ,his food wet food and dry food

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