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  1. I always heard that thc was fatal to dogs???? The company I bought cbd for her doesn't even have the .03% that the human type has. Is this a falsehood like garlic. Where they say it is unsafe. But the study had a 10lb dog that ingested 50 cloves a minute? Confused.

  2. Great information! I started giving my German Shepherd CBD after she tore her ACL joint. It worked way better than the pharmaceutical:drugs the vet had prescribed. That was 6 years ago, she’s 12 now and along with homeopathic remedies you’d never know that at one time the orthopedic surgeon wanted to operate on both her knees, putting in metal plates and screws. I’m so glad I refused to put her through that. I give her 60-1 Full Exctract CBD daily. Thank you for your natural alternatives.

  3. I am rejoining that you are highlighting the benefits of CBD/THC. My Chihuahua was constantly trembling. For no obvious reasons. He was flighty and easily spooked. One night I gave him some THC/CBD and he actually relaxed in my arms. His quality of life improved so significantly. Thank you Thank you Thank you 🙏 😊

  4. Ooohhh Tula's wearing a sweater how sweet!!! I can't wait until the seminar, I am going to be there. I am signed up already. I just hope that I get the timing right. Last time I had the time 8 hours off LOL. Love your work, Dr!

  5. Yes THC is the best for health, inflammation, pain, nausea and appetite, Years ago I heard Dr. Seba talking the multiple ways THC heals and cures our bodies health ailments etc…said it had certain trace minerals to fight cancer that is only found in the scared plant.

  6. I wouldn't chance giving my cat thc if it wasn't absolutly nessasary. Mainly because the overdose , doseage, isn't known and it can actually cause some symtoms to worsen if given in high doses. Even if it's an accident, it's harm. I've read some case studies of cats overdosing on thc and it wasn't pretty. Let's not gloss over the fact that technically thc is a toxin in cats.
    With that said , cancer would have me scouring recourses to learn how to properly dose him if it could help, which I think in cases such as that it could.
    However I do give my cat cbd once daily for his slight anxiety. He was abused and abandonded before he came to me, so he does have some issues and they've gotten better over the time I've had him. It's not just the cbd though. Took weeks of researching before I started him on it.
    A lot of people start giving their animals this stuff (thc,cbd) in an effort to curb natural behaviors. That's not what it's for and to me that's misuse and abuse.
    I think one thing that should be touched on in the upcoming live is that this isn't a miracle cure and needs to be used in conjunction with lifestyle change and care.
    Also that if you're planning on using cbd and thc , do your research! Don't just read a few articles, watch a couple videos and jump right in.
    Be responsable , don't just jump on the bandwagon when you're unsure of how to use a medicine properly and for the right reasons.
    Thanks Doc 👍

  7. Do you sell the CbD? I get so confused over all the different brands. Can it help autism? It so which one? I got my nephew he’s 38, very autistic and tried royal jelly gummies, didn’t relax him.

  8. Greatly appreciated information, especially with our doggos getting up in age, AND… like most of us humans, our furry friends also start having medical issues in their senior years. I want to make sure they are helped as much as possible. Thanks again doc.

  9. Cannabis was upsetting their Death Card dealing…Go figure that the World leaders went all-out to annihilate a natural weed that grew Everywhere, Earth, while making it nearly impossible to get a hold of without using Big Pharma/Modern Medicine to get it. Then go figure that the independent industry of growers came out so strong & impacted the economy so positively, that the Govs. had to back down on it's enforcement of ridiculous laws.
    Love you, Doc…Thank you for caring above & beyond the norm…We all, critters incl., need this more than ever.

  10. I hope you will be discussing Essiac tea which can be used for dogs! I'm grateful for Veterinary Secrets & all the info you share with us. I lost Miss Emma to bladder cancer! Thank you!

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