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  1. Only on my 4th grow very much a novice, not happy how these ones look though two weeks into flower and plants don't look as healthy as previous grows tents in the attic think maybe the temperature is the problem first grow in winter but a friend had spare cuttings going to waste so I took them, they are growing fine just not as well as before, the temperature is the only thing that has changed

  2. 20-25 years …of it, first 15 years in nature, my genetics experienced dry sandy pine forest few seasons first, and such things, untill i got tyred of watering it all summer for buds full of seeds, untill it ended up under lights inside 15 years ago for few seasons, then back out decade in my house garden and one other place, and now its inside again second season …last time …now i got genetics back that i started with, i could swera my pheno E stem subb smells just like my special Mama Ganja plant 15 years ago that gave me everything i have today ….i thought i've lost that genetics but they come back in new generations after 10 -15 years so i'm gonna make as much as posible seeds this winter …and after get back only outside for next few seasons again, just planting and harvestingin season naturaly …this inside grow gets me tyred, i'm harvesting new plant every month lately, so its always care for curing and other, and i do it only out of hobby, its ilegal here …..1 gram = 3 years of prison …them is proud of it and continue to regulate herb …they can smoke what they preserved of herbs

  3. Starting growing in the early 90"s.
    Was outdoors on the oldmans farm as a teenager, first plants where a x between Northern lights and skunk No1 we called it Kandaho.
    30 years later I still grow for myself both indoors and out. Currently late flower Gelato.

  4. I'm building my own. I'm just waiting on my thermal blankets to arrive I'm going to use them to for the reflective and the insulating parts of it I also have a inline fan that I made to ventilate it with

  5. I just ordered my tent lol. I was being frugal and waited for a 15% or more off sale. $76 bucks Mars Hydro 2 x 4. Got My AC Infinity T4 for 20% off. iPower filter for 40 bucks with aluminum dryer ducting.

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