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  1. I got white tips in week 7 but the pistols look healthy just white while the rest of the plant is fine. I had light burn before and it made the tips and tops crispy almost dried and cured on the living stem. Do I have light burn or should I wait it out?

  2. What about a small 60w fan type light about 30 inches away and 2 bar type hanging at the top.the 2 on top are way brighter will that help or hurt.

  3. I'm granny growing and messed up my light cycle at the beginning of the flower stage, do I turn off the lights to equally the same time as I forgot to turn it off for 15 hrs?eg::15-15 or just go back to 12-12 for the rest of the flowering stage.

  4. My sativa leaning strains they keep trying to touch my 4000w LED…RUNTZ is within inches, and I have 98" of vertical height. The Wedding Cake keeps staying short…

  5. I’m an asshole for buying a commercial light. Set the thing to 100% and too close to the canopy. Corrected it after getting stress. When I switched to flower, I went 100% again for the first 3 weeks. 4 days ago I backed off to 80% and they seem to have really responded. That or the fish shit I started giving them at the same time. I still have the other 20% power but might not use it which makes me think this 680W light is too much for the 5×5. Thanks for the video.

  6. Kyle Kushman! Legend! He makes the very best horticultural videos! If you have good-quality LEDs at 1000W or more, two feet is the minimum for me. Find that sweet spot! That's what she said! Woooooooooo!

  7. Helped me tell my seedlings light intensity was to much .was getting white tips and thought was overwatering not the case thanks guys.

  8. To find the sweet spot of a light (HPS, LED, Floro etc…

    Start by lowering your light by 2 inch increments, once an hour.

    The goal is you want your canopy leaves raised up towards the light like they are praying, but without exhibiting any stress like canoeing or tacoing leaves.

    When you start to exhibit canoeing leaves, back it off 2 inches and you found your sweet spot for that specific cultivar that specific plant..if you have multiple strains, you have to find a “happy medium”. Some strains don’t play well with others so when mixing strains try and grow similar varieties.

    Everything revolves around light intensity. Your environment and plant nutrients needs to be dialed in for the light intensity you plan on giving them.

  9. I am currently trying to solve the lime green color I have in only some of my plants all the same cultivator from the same mother plant in the same soil recipe under two different lights. One tent has 3 plants that are over all lime green in color with yellowing to lower to middle leaves and rising. I suspect sufur deficiency. One of these five plants is dark green. I want to say it has a hint of blue in it. I gave tea, I have flushed, and today I gave it some TM-7 with micro nutrients ans sulfur. So basically 3-4 out of ten have this problem of lime green in the same soil. Different lights.

  10. I got a question for Kyle you have a YouTube channel it's the channel how to grow a big plant in 30 is that your channel if it is u have great content great video good tips Great show big fan

  11. I didn't know what light or heat stress looked like until round two with the same plant clones. If its too close the leaves look like they are retreating from the light and are small in size. My observation. They may change color that does not look healthy like burnt purple and look dry. I had to study PPFD charts and checked out videos about my specific light and actually par testing the light. Then I had to learn the PPFD for the different stages. Seedling, early veg, late veg ,early flower late flower. After I learned all that it comes down to weather or not the leaves are stretching towards the light. If they are life is good and they are happy. Except for the lime green color I get.

  12. Kushman chiropractic.. I did it on some auto. Wow so cool. If you read the instructions they provide par on distance from your plants. If you close the bar lights will show dark spaces back off and light melts together

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