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  1. I am suicidal after a break up. I'm taking zolof right now and it's not working. I just picked up some Raw Tinchure I hope it helps with my depression and obsessed thoughts about my ex.

  2. Thanks. I've been reallllly on the fence lately on trying a tincture. I try edibles and I never feel it. Until it was legalized. A couple times it hit me good. But if tincture can make me feel how you felt. That's what I'm looking for. Something to relieve me hit get me enthused too. Thanks.

  3. My husband suffers from severe sinus congestion and inflammation daily. He is MMJ patient and I am researching tinctures for him. How about a 1:1 ratio CBD THC? That's what I'm thinking will help. Smoking or vaporizing only swells his nasal passages and edibles take too long for his liking. Thank you!

  4. I discovered the tincture about 2 months ago and i have done that every morning and every afternoon for 2 months and have not taken 1 pill not an Advil, Zoloft, allergy pill, nerve pain medicines (which I have taken everyday for over 10 years) . After a month went by I realized that tincture has replaced everything I have ever taken from anxiety, sinus issues, nerve pain blah blah maybe it’s just placebo but I feel better than I have in years. My body is just functioning so much better, I can feel it. Not having all that pharmaceutical bullshit, and I am relatively young 37 and don’t have that many issue but they will medicated you for everything. Sorry went off topic, best thing I have ever tried got way more out of it than I ever expected. I just wanted to get high in a discreet way, and my smoking flower is cut in half since I stared the tincture. I would tell anyone, try it do it, changed my life.

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