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  1. Hm… I know plenty of Christians who smoke weed. If there is a religious aspect to why a Christian may choose to not smoke weed, it may be correlated to them finding it to be sinful to break laws. Or perhaps they don't live in an environment that sees it available. I believe it to be God's herb. Cannabis oil was used medicinally by Jews and is believed to be what Jesus used in conjunction with other oils to heal the sick.

  2. It definitely makes you a healthy weight. I've been 150lbs since 18 years old. I'm 150lbs no and I'm 40. I also heard rick Simpson say when he first started eating the oil his weight started dropping and it scared him. Then he leveled off where his healthy weight was

  3. Yoo broo im a church type guy ….but let me tell you weed is natrual …from the ground up ….but i hate alcholo and cigerrets ……and espescaly the wite stuff ….so for them church guys out there go green

  4. LMAO you remind me of one of my brothers friends who smoke out of bowls, I am trying to watch how much I spend on weed and blunts and I am now going to buy a bowl one day!

  5. Cannibis is better than any any pill they prescribed for you. No bad effects. Good for almost anything. I'm religious but I don't see nothing wrong with cannibis. I hate that I have to have a dealer and sneak to get it. I left the streets alone and don't want no trouble over something that is natural. I don't agree with people smoking to be high all day long for the hell of it.

  6. I take hella rips and it makes me fell like I'm in a game and it fells nice✅ since I know it could lose weight now I'm gunna smoke often I'm 275 pounds I need to lose weight 1 like 1 weight loss

  7. I'm trying to figure out why a friend has a poor appetite when he smokes (he's a heavy smoker) but if he doesn't smoke for a few days his appetite picks up back to normal. Also how do you take big hits and not cough I always cough even with not so big hits

  8. I came here to see how marijuana could help me lose weight and found some atheist idiot profiling religious people! Just because some religious people act a certain way, doesnt mean all of them do. lmao how about some respect for other people's believes, thumbs down!

  9. Let's see, Josh^, Snoop, Wiz, Cameron Diaz, Patrick Stewart, Rihanna, Jennifer Aniston lil Wayne & a host of others who've discovered flower early all are next level slim. Coincidence 🤔? I think not!

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