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  1. Your generosity towards my infection called Herpes virus is incomparable. You assured me of getting healed and surprisingly after 14days of taking your medication I was tested for herpes Negative. Thanks #Dr Ofenmu I will keep letting the world know about your YouTube channel

  2. I was a bit skeptical about this because when I called my vet I was told there’s nothing else that will work for infection besides the prescribed eye drops. I still did the honey and water to help my cat feel better meanwhile we wait for the vet to see him since they were fully booked and O M G!
    This works wonders, I am so glad I searched and found you!

  3. OMG, life changer and saver thank you the tea bag worked but still some signs of issues after using the honey & water bingo the issue was cleared up within 3 days. Wow money saver, have to admit I was a little leery about the honey.

  4. Thank you Doctor. I used the ointment the vet told me and she went blind in 3 days. I kept hoping the 2nd eye would survive and yesterday noticed the other day was infected now. So I just ordered the tea and hope we can save her now. The mother tends to have babies with infected eyes. The vet said this may be herpes. Will this work on this type of problem?

  5. Who says herpes virus has no cure and permanent treatment? Let me introduce you all to Dr Igudia on YouTube who cured my partner and I from Genital Herpes infection with his natural herbal medication.

  6. Very helpful👍😊👍. I have one kitty that's blinking a lot and keeping one eye partially closed. We did what you did and checked the eye thoroughly, it just seems inflamed. We've been using colloidal silver but I'll add the tea as well👌

  7. Can i use a straw for the dropper if i dont have a dropper? Thank you for your help dr! My cat has a bit of goo in the crest of his eye and is squinting. It seems better at night than the morning. I will try the tea method.

  8. I wear my contacts way to much so I get eye infections all the time. They get so bad I can barely open them, they sting and get bright red. I make black tea add a teaspoon of honey and drop in eye 4 times a day. Within 24 hours my eyes are back to normal

  9. I Still can't explain how it works now i believe only Dr. kwaloe on you tube is capable of doing this stuff, I am finally heal from the contagious herpes virus using his herbal med works for me.

  10. This actually works! My cat came down with an eye infection that went from just a watery eye to full blown yellow goopy infection with swelling in the span of 8 hours. In a panic I searched home remedies to just make her comfortable until getting to a vet. But Now I don’t think she even needs to see the vet after this. I mixed 1/2 cup of black tea and 1/4 tsp of honey and applied to my cats eye 2-3x a day and after 2 days she can fully open her eye, swelling and redness almost GONE! and I can tell shes feeling/looking better & getting back to her confident personality. I also work at a cat shelter where I’ve seen eye infections last almost a week with prescription drops so I wasn’t expecting this home remedy to fully heal her eye but sure enough it’s working!

  11. Thank you!!! My Maine Coon “Duffy” his eye was puffy and watery and the black tea alone worked. He’s just about back to normal after a few days of treatment.

  12. I got a kitten a few days ago and noticed he was squinting his right eye! I'm starting both the honey water and black tea today. I will update how he is doing 🙂 Poor baby.

    1st edit: I've done it twice now! I am using a straw with tape at the end which makes it harder lol. I can only do the honey water one with his squirming but IMMEDATELY after I do it, his completely squinted eye can be opened at least 1/2 way. I will gladly continue this for 5 days!!

  13. Dr. Jones how about a Cat with drippy weepy eyes that sometimes stains the corners as it drips down and sometimes is black crusted. Cat has seen the Vet there is no URI no Conjunctivitis. She mentioned some White Cats with Pink Skin will stain like that, and it's from the enzymes and ? In the tear itself. What can I do for the eye treatment, and stain? Polysporin ok for an eye like this, or Colloidal Silver Drops. I'm trying to releive Momma's eye weeping more than anything else. I trap Neuter/Spay rehome Feral Cats. I cleaned up 30 and this one an 8 year old needing a Spay and a Senior Blood Panel and Eye help, I decided to keep myself. I actually cleared up baldness all around her eye by cleaning and drying that area, and then rubbing in Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil….Fur is back and fluffy!💕🥰🐈

  14. Vcame home from work today and my little boy has a slight wink going on. His eye is still open for the most part. He wasn't like this before I left for work so I'm going to give it 24hrs. If the wink persist I'm going to try the black tea eye drops. He is only 8 months old. I'm so worried about my dude😥

  15. Dr. Jones is a genius!! I have an 18-year-old cat that has been having running eye issue and problems with that third eye lid for years. I have taken her to three different vets and they all came up with a different diagnosis and prescribed different eye drops or salves. Helped a little but she still continues to have issues. As everyone knows just the office visit at the vets is expensive not to mention the cost of the RX's.
    I decided to try Dr. Jones' green tea treatment….couldn't hurt. I ordered Newman's Own Organic Black Tea in bag from Amazon, followed Dr. Jones' EXACT instructions and gave it a try. I gave Peps her first treatment in the a.m. and by the p.m. it looked so much better. I will continue to treat her as instructed. I'm so happy this worked and Peps is a lot happier. Dr. Jones, You are the GOAT!!!!! Thank you.

  16. Just wanted to say, even though I didn’t read all the comments to know if it was pointed out, Earl grey tea is black tea with bergamot oil or flavoring in it, so probably best to stick with plain black tea. With that said, I’m VERY excited to try this, a sky poor tom has double gooey eyes after getting neutered 2 days ago. I feel terrible. Like it was my fault by sending him off and he was feeling better from the surgery and drugs but seemed warm to me, and now he’s hiding out with gooey eyes and I am sad for him.

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