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  1. What is Magweedo's fascination with wearing dead animals draped around his head?

    I mean, I know stoners do silly things… but come on. I'm just waiting for a torch to light that thing up.

    I had long hair like Magweedo for years and if it's to "protect" his hair or keep it out of the way, well, a hair tie works wonders.

    Just curious since I've seen him wear it a lot.

  2. Weird my stem-turbine is way different than his. My stemline is taller and turbine is shorter. This one has no room to stack bubbles and turbine is way too tall. Also my gridwork is more evenly spaced his starts late, not trying to talk shit

  3. nice video. looking to colab with you guys sometime in the future, on the lokey tho . your guys videos created a monster if you know what i mean xD

  4. @suetheirasses take it easy man, im all for constructive criticism but you dont have to totally burn the vid, its just a bunch of guys gettin high talkin shit over, i can hear fine

  5. @TheCCC420 hahaha magweedo flips off the bowl he dropped! i flip random shit off too… like my skateboard when i don't land a trick or my bong when it fell and broke.. thats cool

  6. @TheCCC420 Yeah you should be able to get something like that, or even modify a few old wires to suit. You could also try recording the audio and video seperately and mix them together when editing, but that might just end up more hassle than its worth. Either way its not a big deal, but I also find it hard to hear the convorsation in your videos sometimes and I think it would be a good improvement to the show

  7. @TheCCC420 I dont know much about cameras or recording but I would suggest a seperate mic which can connect to your camera, preferably one with a long wire or even wireless so you can have the mic chillin on the table beside you rather than it being at the other side of the room. Hope this helps, great video as always TDS, Keep tokin.

  8. @KRipWalKer3000 its not about who smokes the most!or how to get stoned the fastest,hardest way!
    its about enjoying and honoring the herb!put a nug in your nose,light it and have a snort!so you can say you smoked the coolest way!

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