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  1. Was Tetralabs out when you guys recorded this?  Don't their gold caps legitimately test out to 95% total cannabinoids?  In fact,their website says that they actually have to add terpenes at the end, and dilute it DOWN to 95%. 

  2. about the one drop on your mouth FMK, there is a product called Gold Mist which is by Tetra Labs who makes Pure Gold. Gold Caps and Gold Mist. Gold Mist is a breath spray that gets you medicated. Gold Caps is the pill way with different dosages too and Pure Gold is dropper. WeedMapsTV did a review of each and they look bomb

  3. not tryin to hate… but there were many ways to smoke back in the day besides Joints… piece pipes, bamboo bongs, honeybear bongs, there just wasnt any heady glass

  4. damn i didnt even see this video until now. damn you new youtube homepage. awesome video yo imma get higher and higher to this even though im already feeling real nice lol, its christmas break.

    hope ya'll had a good christmas!

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