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  1. B line is wax cord/string that you smoke tree with. People use it cuz it doesn't have the downsides to a lighter inhaling butane and more flavor. Any head shop sells it or has free samples of it.

  2. @deccor799 A beeline is a hemp wick coated in bees wax, the bees wax keeps it burning at a slow and steady rate. When you use a beeline you also eliminate the gross taste of butane. You can find them at most headshops and smoke stores. Hope my answer helped!

  3. @deccor799
    Lighters have butane, you're sucking in butane and thats why people have headaches after a sesh.
    Try using something other then a lighter to smoke, you will notice a difference in taste and no headaches 😀

  4. my other comment was just to say i think bic lighter > any other method if u want to use combustion

    the key to avoid excess butane is pull hard and only touch the flame to the bowl for a brief moment-
    the strong pull will ignite the entire bowl with the tiniest flame, minimizing the taste of anything but ur chron =)

  5. @deccor799 bee line is simply hemp twine coated in bee's wax

    people use bee's line to smoke marijuana and concentrates without the butane from a lighter infringing on the taste.
    if u watch tokeDaddySlim in the early episodes u can see him doing a similar thing using matches, but if i where him i would let the match burn for a couple seconds first so the the flame moves down past the chemical laden tip ;D

    personal preference is all =)

    i'm out of room i'm gonna make one more comment-

  6. @deccor799 Beeline is hemp cord dipped in beeswax that burns like a candle wick. People light bowls with them so that they aren't inhaling the flint and butane that comes from a bic and it doesnt mask the taste of the weed you puffin' on.You can pretty much find it at any local headshop but at mine its not called beeline its called I-tal wick. Keep on tokin 🙂

  7. @deccor799 the bee line store .com/ and head shops have them, its a cleaner way to smoke lighters give off butane and taste like shit ,herb iron and beeline r the way to smoke.

  8. @deccor799
    bee line is bee's wax. its alot cleaner and a much safer way to smoke over lighters which use butane which can make your weed taste different and is just a downer on your weed. the beeline is a pure and better way to light your hemp. as for a place to get it. you can order some directly from there website look it up online.

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